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Arnold A.
7918 Wayne Pl., TX
June 20, 2017

The pool equipment was reported as usually noisy and the pool pump was making weird noises. Our technician found that the skimmer weir door was stuck. A twig had lodged in it prevent train water flowing into the skimmer in through the cool equipment system.

Lee G.
1213 Wedge Crest Ln., TX
June 18, 2017

He contacted us stating there is a leak at the output on the pool pump and needs the first section of the pipe replaced. The repair was much easier as we just re-plumbed the pool pump discharge.

Sudipto B.
4604 Cape Charles Dr., TX
June 11, 2017

This weekly pool maintenance customer wanted a salt system installed as he did not what chlorine for his children. We installed a Jandy salt system which included a control box, Salt cell with cables, check valve, and 10 bags of salt.

Charles B.
10202 deermont trail, TX
June 8, 2017

This customer has been with us for 19 years. He uses us for all of his swimming pool repairs and repairs to his Deco seal, swimming pool tile, and we re-plastered his pool. He does a good job by doing his own swimming pool maintenance. Unfortunately he suffered a severe injury and could not take care of his pool. Several weeks of gone by so the pool was a very dark green. We cleaned the pool and shocked it with granular, filled the floating chlorinator, and applied special chemicals and adjusted the normal swimming pool chemicals.

Eric H.
6205 Creek Haven Court, TX
June 8, 2017

The homeowner reported he flipped the breakers and when he turn the system on the pool motor started and then was making weird noises and there is no circulation. It seems that the pool pump motor had seized. We installed a new pool pump motor, seal and gasket.

John W.
7722 Meadow Glen Dr., TX
June 7, 2017

Homeowner called and said the pool pump is making humming sounds. We told him it's probably a capacitor. When we arrived we discovered that indeed it was a capacitor for the pool pump and we replaced it. It has run just fine.

Marcial B.
614 Shorehaven Dr., TX
June 6, 2017

The homeowner reported the chlorinator was not working. A new one was installed and the pool is running as intended.

Daniel D.
31 Park Pl., TX
June 5, 2017

This homeowner called stating the top half of his filter was cracked at the rim. We found it was a cartridge filter. In Dallas a DE filter is preferred because of soil conditions. He had an 80 square-foot cartridge filter which we replaced with a new 60 square-foot filter and backwash valve. He was very pleased as it was actually less money than the cartridge filter for his pool.

Tom B.
6118 Raleigh Dr., TX
June 4, 2017

He is one of our pool maintenance customers and it was time for a filter clean. We informed him that the next filter clean he would require new filter cartridges and a tank O-ring. For now the filter is running properly.

Bob H.
5809 Bent Oak Court, TX
June 2, 2017

Homeowner reported that the pool pump was running very loud and the water wasn't circulating. We found the pump basket was full of leaves. After we emptied the basket everything worked as intended. It is critical that during the months of storms wins or if you have a lot of trees around your swimming pool that you emptied skimmer baskets and pump pot baskets as needed. Sometimes this can be two or three times a day versus two or three times a week.

Michael L.
412 Park Bend Dr., TX
June 2, 2017

It was reported there was a leak between the pool pump and the filter. Because he had a sand filter we had to remove the sand from the filter before we were able to do the repair. We removed 300 pounds of sand and did the filter repair and the pool system works as intended.

Alisa B.
16927 Park Hill Dr., TX
May 31, 2017

Because of warmer weather, storms, and wind, many of our customers swimming pools have needed a phosphate treatment. This is found in leaves, foliage, and the atmosphere. Many of our pools have also needed an RX ball. This helps to either prevent black algae or to illuminate what regular chlorine cannot. It is a mineral-based treatment and is safe for family and pets. Our pools on regular maintenance have shown huge improvements with these pool treatments.

Sheila T.
9407 Wells Rd., TX
May 31, 2017

This homeowner wanted and equipment pool bid for a manual do a timer with freeze guard, Jandy aqua link wireless computer with remote control. An option for the Jandy i-Aqualink wireless computer system, to see all the stones on the pool coping and spa, and to clean the pool filter. After several follow-ups we did not hear back from her.

Robin L.
9048 Royal crown, TX
May 30, 2017

They are a long-term Weekly pool cleaning customer. Our technician reported the pool sweep pump was not working. We bid a new one which they approved and we installed the new sweet pump a couple of days later.

Mike R.
3121 Scott Drive, TX
May 29, 2017

DE was blowing back through the grids, onto the steps, and by the pool main drain. We clean the filter and found several bad grades which we replace. We've been recharged the filter with a DE and the system runs as intended.

Susan G.
1511 Waterside Court, TX
May 28, 2017

She has been a weekly pool service customer for many, many years. Our pool technician reported the pool pump motor was not coming on. They were having a major celebration in four days and we were able to install a new pool pump motor quickly so that the pool would look good for their party.

Ellen B.
4105 Barnett Dr., TX
May 24, 2017

This customer was referred to us by one of our pool maintenance customers. She said she needed a lot of pool equipment repairs or possibly new equipment for her pool. We installed a new backwash valve, 4 Jandy valves, check valves, and cleaned the filter. Her Polaris 280 was worn out and we replaced it with a new one She also needed a dual time clock with freeze guard in one enclosure, which we did.

Mark W.
5802 Abingdon dr, TX
May 23, 2017

This is a new pool customer found this on Google. He reported the pool sweep timer was not working and was also wanted his freeze guard for the pool disabled in the timer box. We did this for him in a dish and to replacing this week timer mechanism for the swimming pool and rewired the pool pump inside the timer box.

Phil R.
2022 North Cliffe, TX
May 17, 2017

This customer called us because he had an equipment fire that burned up all of his equipment and part of the fence. Our owner went to give an estimate for replacement. Everything needed to be replaced. We installed a new pool pump, motor, piping, electrical wiring, a new pool sweep booster pump, related plumbing, jandy valves, new 48sqft DE filter, backwash valve, related plumbing, new time clocks for the pool/booster pump, related wiring, replaced the burned sections of fencing and painted them.

Javier C.
2917 Regal Rd., TX
May 17, 2017

This long-term customer asked us to completely renovate his pool including new swimming pool equipment. We retired his pool with an upgraded tile and re-plastered with aqua blue mini pebble plaster. We also installed a new 48 square-foot Pentair DE filter, backwash valve and plumbing. In addition we installed a 1.5 HP Pentair super flow pool pump, an LED color changing light fixture, and handrail.

Jennifer P.
901 Valley Creek Dr., TX
May 16, 2017

This customer has been on weekly pool service with us for over 10 years. They asked us to re-tile their pool. Since they were not going to re-plaster the pool we acid washed the plaster to remove construction debris, chlorine wash to sanitize, and we balance the chemicals.

Mike T.
9214 middle Glenn, TX
May 15, 2017

Homeowner reported lots of DE in the pool, and that the pool is very green. We did a filter clean and found three bad grades and the top manifold to the DE filter was bad. We replaced these items and got the filter running and then cleaned and shocked the pool.

Damon H.
2600 Dean Court, TX
May 12, 2017

This homeowner had been out of town only to return and find the pool timer was not working. We installed a new pool timer mechanism and also found a leak on the pool pump which was repaired by installing a seal and gasket.

Tonya M.
6715 Genstar Ln., TX
May 10, 2017

She called stating the skimmer line for The pool closest to the diving board was blocked and asked if we would clear it. It had not been done in years but we were able to clear the line and the swimming pool now has proper circulation.

David C.
5101 Lake Hill Court, TX
May 9, 2017

Another long-term customer of ours called and said the pool pump is running the spa drains. The pool needed a special chemical treatment for phosphates and RX balls and we replaced the spa fountain check valve. The filter pressure was also high so we cleaned it and the pool runs wonderfully.

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