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Three Reasons Why Your Pool is not Circulating

Your Pool is not Circulating

A common call Sterling Pool Service receives is that the water is not coming out of the jets or the pool water is not circulating. There are three things to check when water is not circulating in your pool.

First, are the skimmer baskets and pump pot emptied? If they are packed with leaves, twigs, debris, or dog hair -- as our picture shows -- water cannot flow through them into the pool pump which means water is not getting to the pool jets.

Second, is the skimmer weir door stuck? Skimmer? Weir? What are those? We’re glad you asked. The skimmer(s) are the openings in the pool. Children especially enjoy pushing water into the skimmers to watch the skimmer door (weir door) go back and forth. This is also where the skimmer basket is. If there is a twig or small toy holding it open, it can cause the pool water to not circulate properly. Yep – something this simple can cause that issue.

Third, What is the filter pressure? Low pressure means there is a clog somewhere. High pressure indicates it needs to be backwashed or the filter cleaned. If you have low pressure, it is possible something got through the baskets or pump pot and clogged the impeller. This is common.

What’s a pool owner to do? Turn off the system, take the pump pot lid off, and using a high-pressure hose nozzle, aim it in the rectangle opening to see if debris blows back. Put the pump lid back on securely and start. If there is still an issue, turn off the pool equipment, take off the pump pot lid and using a screwdriver see if there is something there. After doing this you find there is still no circulation, it will have to be taken apart and the impeller unclogged.  

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