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FAQ for your Pool Renovation

Here are a few FAQ we've heard from our clients over the years regarding their pool renovations.

How long will it take to remodel my pool?

The length of time a pool will be under construction for renovation is directly related to the extent of the work we are performing. Pools that are being replastered can be completed in 3-5 days and afterward be operational around 10 days. Pools that require tile and coping or are being extensively remodeled require additional construction time. Be assured that when a project commences Sterling will make every effort to consistently move the job along and complete your project in a timely manner.

What is the plaster process?

  • Drain pool and spa.
  • Saw cut and chip plaster around all fittings and below tile line to feather in new plaster.
  • Chisel out around all return parts, pool sweep line, light niche, all main drains and skimmer throats to feather in new plaster.
  • Check for hollow plaster. If this is found, a bid for this will be submitted before continuing.
  • Acid wash and neutralize old plaster.
  • Apply bond coat.
  • Apply two coats of plaster as stated in contract.
  • Hand trowel plaster to a smooth finish.
  • Immediately begin filling with customer’s water. A rag will be wrapped around the end in order to protect the surface from any scratches.

What do I have to do during my renovation?

The only thing you do is to turn off the water when it is half-way up the tile. We do everything else (i.e., start your pool, put in the sweep). It’s important to note that water cannot be turned off until it is half-way up the tile.

Our project has started but crews do not always arrive first thing in the morning and some days they do not come to the job site at all. Is this normal?

Our crews are trained to perform specific pool remodel functions; therefore, it is not unusual for a crew to be scheduled on more than one job in a day. Depending on where the pool is and relative to the schedule, it is quite normal to see people arrive at mid-day or even in the late afternoon. Generally off days are planned to allow material to fully dry before the next phase of construction or to provide schedule spacing in the event more time is needed for phase completion than anticipated.

Are there any phases of construction which are particularly messy?

While our crews make every attempt to minimize the impact upon the area surrounding your pool, a remodel site can be dusty; therefore, recommend that pool furniture and potted plants be moved away from the pool area while construction is in progress. It is also suggested that windows be kept shut near the pool for the duration of the pool remodel.

Our pool was just prepared for plaster and the surface is very uneven with large holes and streaks. Is this OK and can you fill in these areas?

Yes, they will fill in just fine.

How long will it take to fill our pool?

The length of time required to fill a pool depends on a number of variables such as your local water pressure, the number of hoses being used, and the size of the pool. The average pool takes 24 - 36 hours to fill and it is important to remember that the water cannot be turned off until the pool is completely full.

Why choose Sterling Pool Service?

Sterling Pool Service has 32 years of experience in the Dallas area. Our plasterers are experienced and provide professional results. Since we are not a "plaster only" company we provide critical "aftercare" for newly plastered pools which ensures that the plaster cures properly.

After Care For Newly Plastered Pools

It’s the first day of my after care and my system is running.

After care is not normal maintenance so we do not start your system on the first day. We will start your system when we determine it is okay to do so.

My valves are not turned the same way as they normally are.

We position the valves in order to allow the plaster to cure properly. Again, after care is not normal maintenance. When this process is completed we will reset the valves to their proper positions or you may do this when the after care is complete.

It looks like there is debris in the bottom of my pool and it doesn’t look like anyone is vacuuming.

When after care is completed some chemical residue may remain in the bottom of the pool. It is okay for you or your service company to begin normal vacuuming as needed.

Other Questions

Is it OK to remodel my pool during the winter?

Remodeling a swimming pool during the winter has a number of advantages. Obviously, pools are generally not used as much in the winter and your family will not be without the use of the pool during the swim season. Since the pool renovation business is somewhat cyclical it is also easier to obtain desired scheduling when we are not in the summer "busy season."

My old plaster looks terrible. Would I be able to paint or acid wash my pool to make it look better instead of incurring the expense of a remodel?

Painting the inner surface of a swimming pool is, at best, a short-term solution to improve the appearance of a pool. Unfortunately, if a pool is painted and the pool owner at a later date desires to replaster, additional charges are often necessary due to the difficulty in removing multiple layers of paint. Older pools that are acid washed will initially appear brighter but often become very rough to the touch due to the increased porosity in the plaster caused by the acid.

Additional Questions

If you are considering refinishing your pool and have any additional questions, feel free to call us at 888-973-0274 or complete our contact form.