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Jenifer P.
Plano, TX
February 1, 2021

We sent her a bid to replace the whole unit as it is beyond repairing for cheaper. She signed the agreement the same day and we were able to install her new Polaris 280 with an extended warranty, two days later.

Kerri G.
Sachse, TX
January 22, 2021

She emailed a copy of the inspection report and the owner looked over it in depth. He was able to generate a bid for several things including replumbing the main pump, new backwash valve, leak repairs, new automatic pool sweep & necessary plumbing, timer, and a new 48 sq. ft. DE filter. Kerri was quick to approve All of the bid work. 

We completed the work to her pool and she's not reported any issues with anything since then.

Dub B.
Wylie, TX
January 18, 2021

The owner went out to his house to diagnose the issue. He found the capacitor on the pool pump had failed. The part was replaced and the equipment was able to run again without issue.

Anthony W.
Wylie, TX
January 14, 2021

Our leak detection crew made to their house and performed said leak detection. Luckily they were able to find the leak source in the skimmer throat and was able to seal that while there. After this was done they haven't needed to add exorbitant amount of water weekly. Needless to say they are pleased with our work and solution.

Dorothy J.
Richardson, TX
January 12, 2021

The owner went to her house to look at this issue more closely. The pump was a much older model than what we replace pumps with. To make the repairs would have cost more than a brand new pump. Dorothy opted to go the route of a new pool sweep booster pump. The part came in the following week then we were able to do the installment. Since then her Polaris automatic pool sweep has run better than ever before and she is very pleased.

Martin A.
Dallas, TX
January 1, 2021

We submitted a bid to dig up and repair a broken pipe for his spa. It was approved so we made the repair as soon as possible.

Mary J.
Sachse, TX
December 28, 2020

I spoke with Mary to explain what the owner had found wrong with her Polaris. It would have cost just as much to repair as to get an entirely new pool sweep unit. Our company also has an exclusive extended warranty agreement with Polaris that I told her about and peaked her interest. After going over the cost again and further explaining the extended warranty offer we have, she promptly chose to approve this installation.

Christie H.
Plano, TX
December 4, 2020

We were able to schedule a filter clean the next week after she called in with the problem. We found the filter to very much need this service. Because the filter had gone so long without being broken down and thoroughly cleaned, we noted that the next time this service needs to be done t will require Five New filter grids. If you put this service off, it will cost you more.

Mark H.
Murphy, TX
November 13, 2020

The owner went to Marks house to investigate this. He found the Polaris booster pump had numerous issues causing the horrible noise Mark reported. The cost to make repairs was almost equal to buying a new one to be installed. Mark opted to replace it outright and this took care of his concerns.

Tony M.
Wylie, TX
November 10, 2020

Kevin, Sterling Pools owner, went to our weekly service customer's house to inspect the pool/hot tub heater. One of the main issues he found was it needs a larger gas meter before he can make repairs that will matter for heating the hot tub. Tony called the gas company and they were able to install a larger meter. Kevin was then able to further diagnose the issues. He found the thermal regulator needed to be replaced, as well the spa air blower was on its last leg. Tony was given a bid to address these issues and was quick to approve the work. We had to order the parts that took a few weeks to get in, since installing these parts he and his family have been able to enjoy a properly heated hot tub.

Damon H.
Plano, TX
July 24, 2020

The company owner went to his house to first check on the filter for any issues. He found the pump not running at full prime. After inspecting the pump, he found the impeller to be clogged due to a broken pump basket. He unclogged the impeller and replaced the pump basket and the equipment ran normally.

Steven G.
Sachse, TX
July 23, 2020

The owner bid installing an over the deck automatic pool fill device, up on approval by Steven we scheduled this work for the following day.

Nancy M.
Dallas, TX
July 15, 2020

The owner went to her property to verify the location of the leak and to bid repairs. The outside of the backwash valve seemed in good condition still but the internal parts needed to be replaced. After this was done the leak stopped.

Carl N.
Sachse, TX
July 14, 2020

The owner went to his house to inspect the filter and gauge. After troubleshooting several things, he found the skimmer line needed to be unclogged of debris. After doing this the filter pressure was reading normally again.

Scott W.
Wylie, TX
June 27, 2020

The owner went to his house and found the pool sweep's back up valve (cone shaped sprayer) had cracked open and the pool sweep pump had a bad capacitor. He replaced the capacitor and the backup valve so the Polaris ran normally and water wasn't spraying over the pool any longer.

Tony P.
Wylie, TX
June 25, 2020

The following day his service tech was in the area and stopped by to do a full pool clean, plus a filter clean. By the weekend Tony was able to enjoy the pool with his family.

Rett S.
Dallas, TX
June 24, 2020

The owner went to his house to see why this would be happening. It didn't take long to figure out the source of the leaks were in the pool skimmer throats, the area between the pool and the skimmer basket. He had some sealant on the truck this day so he was able to seal both skimmers and stop the leaks.

Peter S.
Sachse, TX
June 22, 2020

The owner went to her house to check for a leak source and clean the filter. After cleaning the filter, he noticed the cleaner pump (booster pump) was leaking. He replaced the pump motor, seal, gasket, impeller, and seal plate. This took care of the leaks and he was very grateful for the help.

Ranj N.
Plano, TX
June 19, 2020

Our pool tech. went to his house and did a full water analysis. He found the cyanuric acid (stabilizer) level to be at zero. He added the required amount of stabilizer to the pool and this enabled the water to hold chlorine so it can kill algae.

Rich P.
Plano, TX
June 18, 2020

Our owner went to his house to inspect the pool pump and other equipment for this failure. Luckily he found it only needed the capacitor replaced. He had one on the truck so he was able to get the pump running before leaving.

Chris H.
Plano, TX
May 22, 2020

Our owner made it his house to inspect the problem hours after he called. He inspected the equipment for signs of leaks first then cleaned their filter. After the filter clean was finished he confirmed the backwash valve is having issue. He took it apart and found the piston assembly needed replaced.

Ron C.
Sachse, TX
May 20, 2020

The owner went to his home the next day to take a look. He found issues with the pool pump switch and bad wire connections. We replaced the pool pump switch and repaired the five bad wire connections.

Marty A.
Plano, TX
April 21, 2020

Sterling's owner went to Marty's house the same hour. He found all of the issues that were reported but more than slightly smoking at this point. He immediately turned off the power to the equipment. After diagnosing the problem, he installed a new pool pump motor, seal, and O-rings. Marty approved this bid on the spot.

Wes K.
Plano, TX
April 20, 2020

We had to make several trips to resolve the listed issues. The first trip the owner went to his house to repair the pool pump leak and capped off the pool sweep pump lines. He went again to do the filter clean service. Lastly, he went back for additional work to re-plumb the pool pump discharge. After completing Wes is very pleased and will continue to use us for his pool repair needs.

Ron H.
Lucas, TX
April 9, 2020

The owner was unable to get to his house the same day but made it over the next. He identified the multiple issues quickly and was able to fix them. He needed to replace the filter gauge and backwash the filter to get circulation going again. Then he shocked the pool with the customers chlorine.

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