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How Often Should I Empty My Skimmer Basket?

How Often Should I Empty My Skimmer Basket?

We will answer this. But first: Remember that the skimmer basket is the first line of defense for removing debris from your pool.

If you don’t empty it, you put unnecessary strain on the pool pump that can shorten its life. This also applies to emptying the pump basket. A basket full of debris greatly reduces water flow, adds strain to the pump, and hinders adequate filtration. Unemptied baskets full of leaves contain phosphates, which affect the chemical balance of your pool and require a specialty treatment. That is not good to swim in.

Many customers wonder, "Does the water level in the skimmer matter? As long as the water is going in, that’s okay, right?"

The proper water level in your pool is half-way up the tile. Too low and you start to get gurgling sounds, which means your pool pump is working way too hard at trying to pull the water into the skimmer and through the pool equipment. This could burn up your pool pump by “running dry.” Maintaining too high of a water level will still let water flow but cuts down on the efficiency of the skimming action. Allowing the water to exceed the top of the skimmer opening prevents most of the surface debris from ever entering the skimmer since water will be drawn in from below the surface.

At this point, the pool will still circulate and filter but the skimming effect will be lost. You want the debris to go into your skimmer basket so watch that water level.

OK, now for the answer to the most asked question a pool owner has. As often as you need to. The more trees and plants around your pool could mean you empty them several times a day when leaves drop. Do you have pets that swim? Pet hair accumulates in the baskets and affects the pool’s chemicals. Bottom line – empty out those skimmer and pump pot baskets regularly! It could save you a lot of money.

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