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Pool Filter Repairs in Sachse, Wylie and Garland

When a filter has low pressure, this indicates either the baskets/pump pot are full or the impeller is clogged. High filter pressure means you have to backwash or clean the filter. For low pressure try the following:

  1. Turn off power.
  2. Remove pool pump lid and empty basket if full.
  3. Check for cracks in basket and replace if needed.
  4. To check for a clogged impeller, remove pool pump basket. Use a hose with spray nozzle or put screw driver in hole behind pump basket to check for debris. Remove debris from pump, put basket in, put on lid and prime.

Pool Filter Repairs

If this does not work, the impeller may have to be professionally cleared. Call us at 888-973-0274 to schedule an appointment.

Necessary Pool Filter Cleaning and Maintenance

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We work on all pool filters: DE (diatomaceous earth), cartridge, and sand. Sand filters need to have the sand changed every five years for optimal performance.

A DE or cartridge pool filter must be cleaned every six months to maintain optimal performance. Most pool owners mistakenly believe that taking the top off of the filter and hosing off the grids is a proper filter clean. It is not. The grids are attached to a top and bottom manifold, and are tightly fitted so hosing off the grids does not reach the bottom to properly clean them or where a tear could occur. The grids must be taken off of the manifolds and washed individually until they are white. Only then can they be examined to see if there are any holes or tears, and the manifolds checked for any damage.

Pool filters which are not cleaned on a regular basis can cause the pool to turn green or you will see DE in the pool. The presence of DE usually indicates there is a torn/ripped filter grid(s). The only way to determine this is with a proper filter clean.

When your filter is not cleaned every six months, once it is apart, the smell of rotten eggs or sewage can emerge. Filter cleans are a dirty job but, as a top pool cleaning service in Dallas, we will do this expertly for you.

What is backwashing?

Backwashing your Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filter is a necessary maintenance and easy to do. This process reverses the water flow inside the filter tank, forcing the dirty water and debris to exit the tank. Cartridge filters do not need to be backwashed.

Why do we need to backwash the filter?

The filter grids collect pollen, dirt, and debris, and over time will cake to the grids. This leads to poor water circulation, algae, and high pressure. Proper backwashing on a regular basis will keep your water clear and healthy.

When do we need to backwash?

Your filter should be backwashed every six weeks (whether the pressure is high or not), or when the pressure is ten pounds over normal. It can also be done if the water level is too high to lower your pool water level. It’s important to check your filter pressure before and after backwashing. If the pressure goes back up after you have backwashed, your filter needs to be cleaned. If the pressure stays down after backwashing, this is the normal filter pressure.

How do I backwash?

1. Turn off pool equipment at the main power switch.

2. Slide valves — Turn backwash handle and pull the valve piston straight up to the backwash position. Multi-port valves —Push handle down and rotate valve to the backwash position.

3. Turn equipment back ON.

4. Run equipment for approximately 60 seconds. You will see the dirty water through the site glass.

5. Turn equipment OFF.

6. Return the valve to its original position. For slide valves, be sure to lock it in the original position to ensure that it does not slide up during operation.

7. Turn equipment ON.

8. Repeat this procedure two more times, decreasing the amount of backwash time each time by 15 seconds. Add DE through the skimmer while the equipment is running. This allows the DE to go through the plumbing into the filter, and recharges/coats the grids.

9. Bleed any air out of the filter tank by opening the air bleed assembly on the top of your filter tank with the equipment running. The filter gauge may rotate with the assembly when opening.

How much DE do I need to add?

The bag of DE will also list these amounts according to filter size. Using a 1 lb. coffee can and, with the system running, add the DE through the skimmer.

36” – 7 lbs.
48” – 9 lbs.
60” – 12 lbs.
72” – 14 lbs.

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