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Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

pool maintenance mistakes

Swimming pool maintenance doesn't have to be difficult. Knowing how to properly maintain your pool will make the plaster last longer and be a safer place for family fun.

8 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Not checking your pool's chemicals enough. Check pool chemicals twice per week in the summer and once per week in the winter – yes – the winter. By doing this you can make minor adjustments to your water chemistry instead of big adjustments that can cause a chemical imbalance.

Taking a sample to your local pool supplier. Surprised by this one? We’re not against this as long as you share with them the essentials about your pool such as: How long do you run the pool pump daily? Do you have pets that swim? What is the plaster condition? Does the pool have a leak? If so, how much does it lose a day? What type of pool pump you have? All of these affect pool chemicals and you could end of spending hundreds of dollars on chemicals and creating a chemical imbalance. This is why it’s imperative you share this information when having your pool water tested.

Not cleaning the cells in saltwater systems. Cells can become corroded or calcified, which produce little chlorine. Just as a filter needs to be cleaned, so does a salt cell to operate efficiently.

Backwashing (also referred to as backflushing) DE filters too often. If you do this, the filter can never reach its cleaning potential. If you backwash on a regular basis for no reason, you are wasting water. DE filters require backwashing when the pressure gauge rises 10 PSI above normal or every six weeks for maintenance. Filter pressure is determined after a filter clean is done, which is considered a “clean reading.”

Not Backwashing DE filters enough. Backwashing a filter is simply reversing the water flow back through the filter and into the skimmer. In essence, you are rinsing the grids.

Using too much DE or too little DE after backwashing. Too little DE will not properly coat the grids; too much will cause it to cake inside the filter. Either way will damage the grids, and you will have to replace them sooner than later. Always consult the DE bag for the amount to add back through the skimmer and use a DE scoop or one pound coffee can for accurate measurement.

Not emptying the skimmer basket enough. When you have pets that swim, trees that drop leaves, or landscaping that can wash into your pool, you must empty the skimmer baskets and pool pump pot several times a day if necessary during this time. Pet hair, leaves, twigs, etc., will pack the skimmer baskets and pump pot so that water cannot flow through them. This results in poor circulation and can cause equipment damage. It can also create algae from the decaying leaves and water not circulating in the pool.

Not running pumps long enough. During the summer you should run your pool pump eight hours during the day because that’s when it is hot. It is all about keeping the water circulating in your pool, which is key to maintaining a healthy swimming pool.

Don't let these common pool maintenance mistakes damage your swimming pool. Instead, contact us at Sterling Pool Service and give us a call at 888-973-0274 for professional pool maintenance and pool cleaning services.