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Weekly Pool Maintenance - Plano, Sachse, Wylie & Murphy

Weekly Pool Maintenance
Pool Maintenance

Every pool company basically does the same thing – clean pools. Some offer a 21 point cleaning plan, which is what any reputable pool company does as normal maintenance. Others offer bi-weekly, with/without chemicals, or silver, gold, or platinum plans with “free” filter clean(s) yet it’s mandatory the filter be cleaned four times a year. But wait – most filters only need to be cleaned twice a year.

At Sterling Pool Service, we have one program that has proven successful for over 32 years: we simply clean and maintain the chemicals in your pool each week. If cheap pool service is your first priority, we are not your company. But if the quality of pool cleaning, equipment repairs, reliability and communication are – we are your people.

The majority of pools on service are $185.00+tax billed monthly for weekly service. It could go up depending on pool size, equipment, or environment. If after we look at your pool we find this is the case, we will tell you. And the best part is our price is based on a year-round average for all normal, maintenance chemicals, and an average-sized pool. This way the cost does not increase during the hot months when we have to use a significant amount of chemicals.

Email us for our FREE service brochure which will answer most questions. Better yet, call us to discuss your pool expectations and needs.  

Our Signature Pool Service - Includes all normal maintenance chemicals 

  • Check and balance chemicals
  • Pool will be vacuumed or leaf mastered
  • Pool and spa will be brushed as needed
  • Empty skimmer basket(s) and pump pot basket
  • Backwash filter as needed
  • Empty pool sweep bag
  • Check sweep finger wall screen of pool sweep
  • Circulation adjustments if needed
  • Report any equipment issues to the office, who in turn contacts you for approval
  • Includes all normal maintenance chemicals (including salt, as applicable)
  • Monitor salt levels and apply salt (included) as needed

You can rely on Sterling Pool Service for quality pool maintenance and to diagnose and repair any pool equipment problem that may occur.

Two Steps to Hire Us For Your Weekly Pool Maintenance:

Contact us to coordinate a time for our owner to come to your home to inspect your pool at no charge.

We will then email you a Weekly Pool Service Agreement for your electronic approval. You can stop the service at any time.

There are many swimming pool companies but there are not many quality companies that have our reputation and 32+ years in the pool industry. We are a full-service companypool maintenance, all equipment repairs and new installs, and pool remodeling. We are your one-stop pool service company serving Sachse, Wylie, Murphy, and surrounding areas.

Pool Filter Maintenance

As a valued weekly service customer, we will email you when it is time to have your filter cleaned. The most common filters in Dallas are DE (diatomaceous earth), which have internal grids. These grids are coated with DE allowing particles and debris from your pool water to stick to them. It is important to have your filter properly maintained to ensure healthy water. Pool filters which are not cleaned on a regular basis can cause the pool to turn green or you will see DE in the pool. The presence of DE can indicate a torn filter grid, and our expert pool repair professionals will professionally clean the filter and replace any defective grids or parts.

Cartridge filters are the second most common and they do not need to be backwashed, but still need to be cleaned on a regular basis for optimum performance. Sand filters need to have the sand changed every five years.

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If you live in Sachse, Wylie, Murphy, Rowlett, Plano, Allen, Dallas, and Garland call us at 888-973-0274 to find out more about our swimming pool repair, maintenance, and other swimming pool services.

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