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Pool Renovations in Sachse, Wylie and Garland

Pool Renovations in Sachse, Wylie and Garland

Three signs that your pool needs to be re-plastered are rough or pitted plaster, gunite that shows through (appears as gray areas), and difficulty in maintaining a chemical balance, which often shows up as persistent algae. Algae embeds in rough or pitted plaster.

Re-plastering of your pool also has a critical element – after care of the new plaster to ensure it cures correctly. We perform this critical plaster care for ten week days. Then going forward, proper weekly pool and chemical maintenance are critical to the life expectancy of the plaster.

Plaster only companies either do not offer new plaster care or offer a process that is not comparable to the ten weekday process (plaster start-up) of a newly plastered pool. Without the proper start-up chemicals and care, your plaster can be damaged and could void the warranty.  

Sterling Pool Service provides renovation bids that are a stand out in the pool industry. We separate each pool remodel category for quick and easy reading: Plaster, Tile, Coping, Deck-O-Seal (Mastic), Pool Equipment and Pool Equipment Repairs. But we will only include the items you would like a price on and add additional categories as needed, i.e., pool mosaics, pool lights, etc.  

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We Specialize In

  • Classic White Plaster
  • Premium QuartzScapes
  • Colored Plaster
  • Custom Stone Work
  • Tile
  • Coping
  • Surface Crack Repairs
  • Aggressive Crack Repairs
  • Expansion Joints
  • Deck-O-Seal (Mastic)
  • Salt Water Systems and Stone Sealing
  • Skimmer Replacement
  • Tanning Ledges
  • Waterfalls
  • Safety Rails
  • Pool Removal (Fill In)

Why Choose Us

  • We have over 32 years of experience in pool renovations, weekly pool maintenance, and pool equipment repairs.
  • Our highly skilled professionals will complete your pool renovations to industry standards.
  • Call us at 888-973-0274 and we will provide you with a detailed pool renovation bid. 
  • Read our Google and our website reviews.

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Sterling Pool Service is a leader in the industry of pool service in Sachse, Wylie and Garland with the latest innovative pool renovation techniques and innovative solutions to those experiencing pool renovation challenges.

From pool replastering and tile replacement to structural pool remodeling, our team of highly skilled professionals will complete your pool renovation to industry standards.

If there are cracks in the pool gunite, Sterling Pool Service can determine if the cracks are superficial or in need of a crack repair. In addition to standard crack repairs, we specialize in aggressive crack pool renovations which are intended for cracks going completely through the gunite shell and leaking water. Crack renovations can save you money in costly water bills.

You need to understand the swimming pool lingo and the process of a pool renovation. So call us at 888-973-0274 to discuss your pool remodel or you can reach us here. It is a privilege to serve our customers.


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