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Swimming Pool Heaters

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Just as it is important for the pool heater to be sized properly, it is almost as important that the gas meter is sized appropriately for the pool heater. Assuming the pool heater uses natural gas, the meter must be sized – at a minimum – to the capacity of the heater itself. In other words, if one is using a 400,000 BTU heater, the meter should be capable of providing 400,000 Btus. Always remember that there may be other items pulling gas from that same meter, which must be taken into consideration when properly sizing a gas meter. Low gas pressure can cause damage to the internal components of a heater, causing build-up that leads to blockage of the heat exchanger. A homeowner can contact their gas company, which will upgrade the meter at no cost.

Pool Heaters installed by Sterling Pools

Basic heater maintenance: make sure the pool water is balanced at all times. Also check for ant piles in and around the heater, rodent droppings around the heater which could indicate nests inside it, and wires that may be chewed on by rodents. And allow the heater to cool down before it is shut off.

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