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Cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool isn't always easy. Though there are pool equipment and accessories that can make the job simpler (e.g. pool skimmers and pumps), it's strongly recommended to have your pool professionally serviced on a regular basis.

Pool experts like us, at Sterling Pool Service, clean your pool better because we have the expertise and necessary equipment to get the job done. We can also spot pool damage by draining the water correctly. What’s more, we have the manpower to perform any pool service efficiently and quickly.

When your pool calls for weekly pool maintenance or expert repairs, contact Sterling Pool Service. We’ve been in the swimming pool business since 1986, and we offer quality pool services that keep your swimming pool in great condition. Our pool maintenance services are far superior to your normal pool care and DIY techniques, as they’ve been developed and perfected through years of professional experience. Our pool specialists work quickly, so you can enjoy using your pool as soon as possible.

Pool Cleaning & Pool Maintenance Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of pool services that target specific swimming pool problems. These include:

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If your swimming pool in Rowlett, Texas requires our professional touch, give us a call at 888-973-0274 and Contact us today to learn more.

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Customer Reviews from Rowlett ( 4.89 out of 9 reviews )

Rowlett, TX

You guys have done a fantastic job and provided outstanding service. However, this is a rental property and I have sold it, I have passed on your name and high ...

Rowlett, TX

Have been so pleased with your service. The pool looks better than it has in years and now that you fixed the leak, I’m sure to save on my ...

Rowlett, TX

Kevin is honest and explained our repair in terms we could understand.

Rowlett, TX

I have had a swimming pool for 12 years. I have had several pool service providers but nothing as outstanding in service and commitment as my now pool service company, Sterling ...

Rowlett, TX

Posted on Yelp

After having a broken filter for 1 1/2 months, my pool was a swamp, the home warranty wasn't responding and the pool company wouldn't answer or return a call. I was beyond ...

Rowlett, TX

one only has to make one phone call and know the quality work one expects will be done

Rowlett, TX

I would give Sterling a 10 star review for all of their support, they are reasonably priced, reliable and take great care of my pool.

Rowlett, TX

Great communication and great work! My pool looks great!

Rowlett, TX

You guys have been fantastic! Very informative and professional and easy to work with :) I highly recommend them!!

Completed Jobs from Rowlett

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January 28, 2020 | Rowlett, TX

The owner went to her house the next day. It didn't take long to figure out there only a couple things wrong. He attached the bond wire to pool pump and sealed a leak on the pool pump discharge. This quickly fixed her issues and made her very happy.

October 16, 2019 | Rowlett, TX

Kevin, Sterling Pools owner, went to their house and was able to quickly verify it was the pool pump motor. After inspecting the motor more closely he found it had aged beyond repair and needed replaced. Buckey approved us to install a new pool pump motor, seal and gasket. After this work there was no more loud high pitched humming noise and the filter pressure was even looking more normal.

October 07, 2019 | Rowlett, TX

Our owner went to his house to take measurements for the PVC pipe in the spa. When he looked at the heater it had a bad gas valve. He came back to install the new PVC pipe water feature with a fountain head and replace the gas valve inside the heater. Monroe was very pleased with his spa and has since enjoyed the working heater.

October 01, 2019 | Rowlett, TX

The owner of our company went to her house. He first checked for any obvious leaks at the equipment. When he could find none the next thing was to look at the valve internal parts for issues. He found two of the valves had bad O-rings. He replaced them and tested the Polaris and spa. They both ran fine and the spa no longer drained.

May 18, 2018 | Rowlett, TX

Without question, we can show a first-time pool owner how to properly maintain any type of pool. We offer 'Pool School,' which has a one-hour minimum charge and is then billed in 15-minute increments thereafter. Charlie said, "Sounds good. Let's do it! I found y'all though my online search comparing companies. Yours had the best rating, BBB certification, and consistent reviews." So our owner went out and conducted a pool school at Charlie's house. Charlie told us he feels confident enough now to maintain his pool after meeting with the owner and videoing him. He said the only reason he should need to call is if there is a need for repairs.

August 25, 2017 | Rowlett, TX

After Norman gave us the green light to start the pool remodel, our crew showed up the following week. We helped him pick out the perfect tile, coping, grout color and pool plaster color/type. He chose a standard white plaster, went with terra blue tile, and chose Oklahoma multi-color flagstone with grey grout. We were able to finish this project for him by the end of August after several revisions to his contract.

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