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Pool Maintenance and Cleaning in Dallas, TX

Pool Cleaning Company in Dallas, TX.

Sterling Pool Service is a full service swimming pool cleaning company that offers pool maintenance, pool cleaning, equipment repairs, pool renovations, and other related services for your swimming pool and equipment in Dallas, TX.

At Sterling Pool Service, we are a pool maintenance company that handles the total care of your residential pool. We will work with you to obtain the best possible cleaning and maintenance results for your pool, so you don't have to.

Our proven experience in the pool service industry shows just how reputable Sterling Pool Services is in handling the services for your pool. Regardless of the pool service we're providing, we will work with you every step of the way and we will present you with a comprehensive estimate so you will know exactly what services you will be paying for. It doesn't matter if you want weekly cleaning services or pool renovations, we will provide you the best services within your budget.

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When you need work done on your residential swimming pool in the Greater Dallas, TX area, contact us at 888-973-0274. We have been providing exceptional services to our customers for over 26 years and will ensure we do the same for you and your swimming pool.

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Learn about Dallas:

Dallas is surrounded by over 12 counties that make up the DFW metroplex and is among the top-ranked cities in recognition for a variety of reasons. The city is in the top ranking for visitor and leisure destinations in Texas. Thanks to the DFW International Airport, from Dallas you can get practically anywhere in the United States in a decent amount of time. Dallas is also nationally recognized for its urban arts district as well as the abundance of diverse attractions and entertainment centers. Dallas is also home to a multitude of professional sports teams. Within the big city, there are options for everyone to enjoy.

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Customer Reviews from Dallas ( 4.95 out of 42 reviews )

  • Dallas, TX | September 09, 2020

I know you all do a great job, as you did another pool for me. thanks much. cheers.

  • Dallas, TX | August 07, 2020

Thank you for the great job on my pool. It looks fantastic.

  • Dallas, TX | June 09, 2020

You were easy to work with, and prompt to take care of any problems. That's not easy to find in a contractor these days.

  • Dallas, TX | June 04, 2020

We are very happy with the quality of your work, and you provided very dependable customer service as well.

  • Dallas, TX | May 25, 2020

We have been very pleased with their service, reliability, and customer service.

  • Dallas, TX | May 25, 2020

Over the years I have grown to know that Sterling Pool Service is very dependable. I request a certain service and the job gets done, on time and correctly.

  • Dallas, Tx | May 22, 2020

Your technician is doing a GREAT job in cleaning and maintaining the pool. It is truly the first time the pool has looked continuously clean and maintained.

  • Dallas | March 09, 2020

Jose has done and is doing a GREAT job in cleaning and maintaining the pool. It is truly the first time the pool has looked continuously clean and maintained. You have a gem in Jose and hope that he continues with you for many years. I love the stability!

  • dallas | February 27, 2020

We are very pleased with your services to our pool. Our pool technician is doing a great job! He is providing additional information regarding the pool, gives advice, and good instructions. And your office and Kevin are very friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Dallas | February 13, 2020

They take great care of my pool! Love this service!

  • dallas, tx | September 24, 2019

Last Thursday morning the pool was full of dirt, pulverized leaves, and pollen, who knows what else. I spent most of Thursday and Friday morning trying to clean it up but had no luck. It was as green and nasty as I have ever seen. Jose was scheduled Friday morning and I felt bad leaving him such a mess. I don't know what he did but by the time I got home Friday afternoon the pool was absolutely beautiful. Leaves gone, dirt gone, pump back to normal pressure, green back to clear. Thanks again for taking care of our pool.

  • dallas, tx | August 19, 2019

I just want you to know that Jose has done and is doing a GREAT job in cleaning and maintaining the pool. It is truly the first time the pool has looked continuously clean and maintained. You have a gem in Jose and hope that he continues with you for many years. I love the stability!

Testimonials from Dallas

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April 16, 2014

Jimmie in Dallas uses our service for two different residences.

April 16, 2014

Susan in Dallas found us through her home warranty provider.

April 16, 2014

Jackie in Dallas has relied on us for over 10 years.

April 16, 2014

Debra in Dallas offers says she will definitely be recommending us.

April 16, 2014

Steve in Dallas continues to use us for all his pool needs.

Completed Jobs from Dallas

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January 01, 2021 | Dallas, TX

We submitted a bid to dig up and repair a broken pipe for his spa. It was approved so we made the repair as soon as possible.

June 24, 2020 | Dallas, TX

The owner went to his house to see why this would be happening. It didn't take long to figure out the source of the leaks were in the pool skimmer throats, the area between the pool and the skimmer basket. He had some sealant on the truck this day so he was able to seal both skimmers and stop the leaks.

July 15, 2020 | Dallas, TX

The owner went to her property to verify the location of the leak and to bid repairs. The outside of the backwash valve seemed in good condition still but the internal parts needed to be replaced. After this was done the leak stopped.

November 15, 2019 | Dallas, TX

Our lead technician made it to her house the same day. He went to the front of the house to listen for the water and that confirmed his thoughts that the backwash valve is faulty. He did some troubleshooting on the backwash valve and found several O-rings had failed and broken parts internally. They approved repairing the backwash valve and had no more water loss after this was completed.

November 20, 2019 | Dallas, TX

Our owner went to his house to meet with him. Doug was better able to explain his concerns about the automatic run feature that kicks in during freezing weather, that is controlled by the freeze guard. His was not functioning nor was the timer for the Polaris automatic cleaner. We bid to replace his existing timers with a dual timeclock with freeze guard as well to repair and adjust the Polaris automatic in-pool cleaner. He agreed to the bid and we completed this for him just before the freezing weather came in.

Blogs related to Dallas

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March 22, 2022

Tiled and mosaic swimming pools have much to offer would-be pool owners in terms of looks and durability.

September 17, 2019

Here in Dallas, we have received a continual cycle of rain for months. This makes it a challenge to keep pool chemicals balanced. But how does this affect your pool?

July 06, 2017

To ensure that your pool is always in its best condition, here’s a checklist to help you stay on track with summertime pool maintenance and care.

August 26, 2015

There are good reasons why you might want to have your pool in Dallas and Collin Counties, Texas, demolished or filled in.

August 26, 2015

Sterling Pool Service recently had a chance to clean up a residential swimming pool in Dallas that was neglected for six months due to a foreclosure.