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Swimming Pool Diverter Valve Parts and Service

Any swimming pool, regardless of size, shape, or additional features, makes use of two basic piping systems that regulate water flow, and those are known as suction and return. The suction side is basically all the pipes coming from the pool, and can include elements such as skimmers for removing dirt, as well as drains. Meanwhile, the discharge, or return side, would be the pipes going from the pool pumps that are meant to direct water back into the main pool.

swimming pool diverter valve manufactured by Pentair

In a basic circular like this, it is important to be able to control water from the suction side to make sure that water that needs to be disposed of goes where it should and doesn’t get directed back with the rest of the clean pool water. This function is mainly controlled by what is known as a diverter valve. These types of valves help make water flow management easier and are made of durable materials so that pool owners won’t have to worry about maintenance.

When setting up a new pool or repairing an old one, it is important to know which size and configuration of diverter valves to use. These valves also require professional installation, so make sure to talk to your trusted pool equipment and maintenance company, Sterling Pool Service. Providing top-class services to homes and businesses in North-East Dallas for more than 32 years, our team of licensed and highly-trained technicians can help you make these important decisions, as well as assist you with installation and operation.

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