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The Cause of Green Pools - Phosphates

Most owners have dealt with a green pool at one time. Chlorine only does so much to correct the issue when your phosphate levels are off.

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Chlorine Shortage Scams

Scam artists are now selling either fake or misleading chlorine on online sites like Amazon, Ebay, and a variety of online stores so buyer beware.

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Chlorine Shortage of 2021

Many pool owners, both public and private, are feeling washed out by the rising cost of pool maintenance from the chlorine shortage.

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Chlorine Shortage Has Public Pools Feeling The Pinch

It’s been over a year since many public pools across the nation were forced to close due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now some are being forced to close all over again due to ongoing

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Children and Pool Safety

Parents and caregivers may let their guard down when they have a pool at their home. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has guidelines to help you keep your pool safer

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After the Storm Hits Your Pool

When an unexpected storm turns severe, how do you get your pool back in proper working order? The experts from Sterling Pool offer some thoughts.

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Why Should I Hire a Poll Service Company?

For customers in Sachse, Wylie, Murphy, Rowlett and other DFW cities wondering if they should hire a pool service company, the experts at Sterling Pool Service have an answer: "Yes! Absolutely."

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How Often Should I Empty the Skimmer Basket?

Wondering how often you should empty your skimmer basket for best results with your pool? The experts from Sterling Pool Service have the answer!

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What's That Hum?

When your pool motor makes a humming sound, it is something that requires your attention. The experts from Sterling Pool Service explain.

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How Often Should I Drain My Pool?

Pool owners often wonder how frequently they should drain the pool for maximum performance. The experts from Sterling Pool Service offer these suggestions.

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Three Reasons Why Your Pool is Not Circulating

When your pool is not circulating properly, it is an indication that something needs to be addressed in regard to routine maintenance. Here are three common possibilities.

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Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Swimming pool maintenance doesn't have to be difficult. Knowing how to properly maintain your pool will make the plaster last longer and be a safer place for family fun.

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