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Pool Timer Upgrades

Pool Timer Upgrades

A swimming pool is a great way to stay cool in the summer and increase your home’s value. However, taking care of a swimming pool can be a very challenging task. Chemicals should be balanced weekly and the pool’s equipment checked to be sure there are no plumbing leaks and that the filter pressure is good.

Fortunately, there are many different services and pool products that can make your maintenance routine easier. A good example is a pool timer, which is a device that keeps your equipment running at the proper times.

The Role of a Pool Timer

The Role of a Pool Timer

Pool Timers and Computers

Keeping the pool equipment on 24/7 is a waste of electricity and can cause a pool pump or pool motor to wear out before their time. Installing pool timers or a computer instead of turning the system on manually is a smart use of a pool owner’s time and money. For the hotter months, it needs to run for at least eight hours a day and for the cooler months for six hours. If the pool timer is only set to run 4-6 hours a day or at night during the summer or high temperatures, it will not circulate the water long enough for the pool chemicals to be effective. This can create algae and cost a pool owner more money to get rid of the algae.

A pool timer is connected to one the pool pump and pool motor. It gives you the ability to control the length of time your pool pump is running. This is good news for pool owners who forget to shut off their pool pump and then turn it back on again at the proper time. Some pool owners prefer a timer with a freeze protection to prevent pool equipment and pipes from freezing in winter and causing major damage.

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With a quality pool timer, pool maintenance is less of a hassle and creates a healthy pool environment.

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