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Christy T.
Dallas, TX
April 4, 2017

They had just bought the house and moved in. They wanted inspection of the equipment for the pool. We found equipment pad was cracked in numerous pieces, and the filter did not work and the backwash valve was broken. The valves also needed work and they needed a timer and freeze guard for the swimming pool. We remove the pump and filter is from the equipment pad and installed a new 30" x 48" pad. We then reset the pump installed a new 36 ft.² DE filter and backwash valve, and a backwash hose to extend to the yard. We had to re-plumb the equipment to include a new three-way valve and drain valve on the return plumbing. We also installed a new timer and freeze guard in a new box.

Steven D.
Allen, TX
March 30, 2017

Steven has a home warranty company we work for. His problem is that there is a crack in the filter top. Water is shooting out of the Pentair 420 de filter and the Polaris booster pump is leaking. Our owner went to investigate the problems. We had to replace the filter tank o-ring, filter drain plugs and the top half of filter. After doing this all the leaks stopped.

Tim W.
Dallas, TX
March 30, 2017

The swimming pool heater had a broken rear header and header gaskets, which we replaced.

Mary C.
Wylie, TX
March 29, 2017

Storms that came through caused me through damage from hail. We cut the tops from the deck expansion strips and installed flexible joint material. We replaced the expansion joint between the coping and deck. We installed a new 425 ft.² Hayward cartridge filter. And we installed a new chlorinator lid and O-ring. Their pool was up and operational again

Darla B.
Wylie, TX
March 27, 2017

She called stating her pool was very old and needed it remodeled. The coping had dropped in places around the pool and was cracked severely. She went to standard white plaster and tile repaired. The Deco seal and deck strips also needed to be replaced. Her tile and coping work were no longer available. Repairing them was not possible. Due to finances she will wait.

Jay B.
Murphy, TX
March 20, 2017

He called stating that the plumbing is leaking or a pipe broke to the ozonator. We repaired the pool ozonator but the pool was losing water. After a leak detection at the pool and spa we found two leaks in the swimming pool skimmer throat's that needed to be reset and sealed.

Curtis G.
Wylie, TX
March 17, 2017

We had contacted our customer about needing a filter clean. The Mrs. asked if our owner would contact her husband. After their conversation, we learned that the customers Polaris cleaner was giving trouble as well. Our owner submitted a bid for repairs and replacement and the customer opted for replacement. We custom fit the new Polaris to his pool and that made his wife very happy with us.

Nancy M.
Dallas, TX
March 17, 2017

A very long time customer of our owner, Nancy called us because her pool timer and lights had gone screwy. The owner of the company went to her rental property to evaluate the problems. He found that the pool light GFI needed to be changed out and necessary wire/conduit plus a new circuit breaker. Her pool timer was shot, completely dysfunctional. It could not be repaired so she opted to go with a new time clock/freeze-guard. After this her pool timer and lights were very functional again.

Larry U.
Wylie, TX
March 16, 2017

The pool and spa are losing 1 to 3 inches of water a day. We performed a structural and plumbing leak detection at the pool and spa. Both skimmers were broken and there was a leak in the pool return and a leak in the spa return. Due to finances the homeowner chose to hold off on repairs and simply keep the pool filled at all times.

Stephen B.
Wylie, TX
March 14, 2017

He called to say the equipment pad was broken and plumbing was being affected. We found the concrete pad had to be replaced and then this area had to be dug out to pour a new concrete pad. Then we would reset the swimming pool equipment and re-plumb as needed

Hunter W.
Plano, TX
March 13, 2017

She called us because she noticed her pool pump motor leaking at the bottom of the big round thing behind the pump in front of the motor (the impellor housing). The motor is also making strained noise like it’s just barely hanging in there. She wrapped white duct tape around where she sees the leak. The owner went to her house to investigate these issues and found an array of problems. He had to replace the seal and O-ring in the pool pump, replaced the pool pump motor, the seal plate, the impellor (not the housing), the pool pump lid, pump o-ring and replaced the timer so the pool will properly run.

Laura B.
Murphy, TX
March 8, 2017

She called wanting weekly pool service. When we did our initial visit to inspect the pool and the pool equipment we found duck feces had covered the spa wall and other areas of the deck and coping, causing the water to turn green. Ducks may be cute but they are a serious health problem to swimming pools. They chose to clean it up and try to find a way to stop the ducks from landing in their backyard. As far as we know there is no proven method to stop them for landing in your pool, except for swinging your arms and yelling at them.

Natalie K.
Plano, TX
March 7, 2017

Natalie is a home warranty customer of ours. She called because her pool service company said the system is not priming. She has twice a month service, hasn’t notice algae in the pool but not looking very hard either. Our technician went out to disassemble her pool pump and found no problems with it. He then went to the DE filter to check for problems. The filter was packed full of diatomaceous earth and needed to be cleaned. He did this and it still didn't fully help. Further investigating found an obstruction of tree roots in her plumbing. He cut out the pipe with the obstruction and replaced it with new pvc. After doing this there were no more issues with her pump priming and system running.

Don D.
Wylie, TX
March 3, 2017

We removed and replaced the expansion joint between the pool coping and deck. We also cut the tops off of the plastic expansion strips and installed the same expansion joint material as between the coping and deck. We also resealed the pool deck with two coats of cool deck sealer and restorer.

Chris D.
Rowlett, TX
March 2, 2017

He noticed last week the motor had stopped running. He tried changing the capacitor out but it did not help. The motor just hums then trips off. Our lead technician was sent to his house to fix the problem. He found that the pool pump motor, seal, gasket and diffuser needed to be replaced. After this was approved and completed, his pool pump motor worked as brand new.

Gary G.
Richardson, TX
February 23, 2017

Gary is a weekly pool service maintenance customer of ours for over five year. He called us saying a bunch of sand, debris or something is coming out of the pool return things when the pump is running, how can we fix this? Our owner went to his house to see about this problem. He had to perform a filter clean service first to check for any damage to the internal parts. He found that every grid in the filter had gone bad somehow, he found several tears and holes on all of the grids. They were replaced and everything was put back together. After adding D.E. to the skimmer for the filter, all debris stopped blowing back into the pool and proper filtration began.

Craig P.
Plano, TX
February 22, 2017

Craig called us wanting his pool renovated. He had contacted us a few years prior for the same thing but couldn't afford it after he saw the numbers. This time he was ready he said. The lead technician/owner went to his home for measurements and to assess the condition. It was all in need of some TLC. Craig approved a bid to replace the tile, install flagstone coping around the pool's edge, replace the dec-o-seal (mastic), and re-plaster the pool with Diamond Bright Tahoe Blue. We completed this job in seven days. Craig is very pleased with the work done and said he will recommend us to everyone he talks to.

Mary P.
Garland, TX
February 21, 2017

They have maintain the pool for 20 years but this last year it had gotten away from them and was very green to the point they felt it needed to be drained and cleaned. After looking at the pool we gave them two options. One would take five trips after the filter was cleaned and it may require more filter cleans, and rebalance chemicals. The second option was to drain and clean it and clean the filter and rebalance chemicals; however, this is a dangerous method as the pool could float due to the amount of rain we had received. They opted to try and take care of the pool themselves.

Connie M.
Sachse, TX
February 14, 2017

She called because her pool is not circulating when the filter is running. The equipment is leaking in several places and the Polaris pool sweep isn’t working right. The owner of the company went to her house to check out the problems she reported. He found that the filter pressure was almost over 40lbs pressure and saw the numerous leaks at the pool equipment. To get the filter pressure under control he had to perform a filter clean service. The pressure gauge still showed the pressure to be extremely high, he replaced the filter pressure gauge and the filter pressure read correctly. The leaks had to be repaired. He had to replace gaskets in two of her pumps, replace the pump basket and replaced the suction hose assembly on the pool cleaner sweep pump. The Polaris needed to have a new idler wheel assembly installed, tail, tail clip, bag and three new tires to get it to work right.

Carl H.
Richardson, TX
February 13, 2017

He reported his pool and spa were losing water and requested a leak detection. We found the skimmer needed to be replaced which is a common problem with pools. He approved a written bid and we replaced the skimmer.

Chad J.
Wylie, TX
February 2, 2017

Chad called us because he had just bought the house recently and noticed sand or debris or dirt or something was blowing back into his pool while it ran. Our owner went to investigate the issue. He started with the filter, found that it needed to be cleaned very badly because backwashing the filter alone was doing nothing. Upon cleaning the filter he found two grids that were bad, causing media to blow back into the pool from the filter. After replacing these grids, debris/media stopped flowing back into the pool.

Daniel F.
Garland, TX
January 27, 2017

Daniel called us because we've done work for him over the last few years. He asked if we could stop by sometime this week to see about why a service light was coming on his heater and why it isn't working. Our owner went to investigate the problems and found his heater needed to be replaced. We removed and replaced his old heater with a new Pentair 400,000 BTU pool and spa heater, which included plumbing, gas piping as needed, electrical, check valve and hauled off the old heater.

Mike M.
Sachse, TX
January 26, 2017

Mike had a fiberglass pool taken out and a gunite pool put in. He is on the second day of caring for the pool. Has been taking water samples to Leslie’s and they’re having him put in things he should not have to, but he didn’t know this until he read the book on after care. He is asking if we can help keep his pool looking brand new. We assumed the duties of providing after-care for his freshly plastered pool for two weeks. After our service was finished, he couldn't thank us enough for ensuring his pool plaster cured properly and helping his investment pay off.

Charlie W.
Allen, TX
January 24, 2017

Our customer Charlie called us because his spa was draining back into the pool every time the pool pump shut off. Our technician went to investigate his problem. He replaced the Jandy valve diverter and caps, it helped some bud didn't solve the problem. We had to go back out to his house at a later date and our tech. replaced the check valve internals on the spa waterfall plumbing at the equipment and that stopped his spa from draining into the pool.

Toni A.
Sachse, TX
January 24, 2017

He called because water is running down alley. Our fence blew down during storm and the pool is loosing water. The pool is 13 years old. Our owner went to investigate their problem and found a couple of leaks at the pump discharge pipe coming out of the top of the pump and at the filter. He had to re-plumb the pool pump discharge pipe and replaced the bulkhead nut, sleeves and related plumbing.

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