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David M.
Dallas, TX
October 18, 2018
David is a weekly pool maintenance service customer of ours. He called a few days after his service day because, I noticed there is a slow leak dripping from under the heater cabinet and I hope it's just a loose connection. The owner of Sterling Pools made an appointment to investigate this problem. When he was checking the connections inside and outside of the heater, he noticed the heat exchanger and gaskets were worn out and causing the leak. He had to order parts. He went back over after the parts came in and replaced the heater heat exchanger and gasket parts. He also needed to install a new internal bypass assembly and unitherm governor inside the heater front header.
Patrick S.
Plano, TX
October 18, 2018
Patrick called us with an emergency because his Polaris booster pump volute is leaking so much he had to shut the system down. It started off as a pin hole leak on Friday night then by Saturday night water is gushing from the casing. Sterling Pools owner went to his house for further investigation. The Polaris booster pump volute was not the only problem. He found three electrical connections that had gone bad and were arching between each other. Patrick needed a new Polaris booster pump with wiring, pump, motor, plumbing, modification and a pump post kit. After starting the booster pump and pool pump to check the performance the pool pump motor started smoking heavily. It was quickly shut off to prevent a fire. He then had to install a new standard pool pump motor, seal and gasket along with a diffuser, diffuser O-ring and conduit fittings.
Mark H.
Murphy, TX
October 10, 2018
Mark is a weekly pool maintenance customer of ours. He called on Monday because he noticed his pool pump is not circulating water. The gauge on the filter housing shows pressure but no water is circulating even when I turn the valve on for the water features, they do not work. Filter pressure is at 20 and the water is very dirty. First we suggested his variable speed pump was running at too low of a speed so he needs to turn it up. This did not solve the problem so the owner of Sterling Pools went to his house. After a thorough inspection of his equipment and valves, it was determined the filter had not been cleaned and required a filter clean service be done as well as a salt cell clean. After he performed these tasks there was noticeable circulation in the pool and water flowing freely through the pool pump.
Kari R.
Allen, TX
October 10, 2018
After the weekend one of our weekly service customers called. She said that her spa is in need of being checked out. Whenever we turn the spa on, it just drains out and we can't figure out why! Can you please come out and help? The owner was in her area when I called to give him the message. He went by and found the same thing happened when he turned on the spa. After inspecting the equipment for any leaks or damage he found the spa valve was turned incorrectly. He turned the valve back to where it needed to be and the spa began to hold water again.
Robin L.
Dallas, TX
October 8, 2018
Sterling Pools service technician was at her house cleaning her pool. He pulled the Polaris automatic pool cleaner sweep out of the pool and noticed it had a bad wheel. Upon further inspection he found a bad wheel axle and wheel bearing. Jose is a very versatile and effective technician , as he had replacement parts on his truck, and was able to replace the affected parts. The Polaris pool sweep is now running all over the pool again picking up debris between our visits.
Greg L.
Wylie, TX
October 8, 2018
Greg found our company through a Google search and positive Google reviews, he said the reviews were best that he saw. He called because the lights in his pool and spa were not working any longer and thinks that it might be the GFI. The owner of Sterling Pools, who is a licensed pool electrician, went to his house and inspected both his pool and spa lights. It turned out the GFI was in good shape but the light fixture for the pool badly needed replaced. Being his lights were color changing, our owner had to replace his current fixture with a Jandy color changing LED light fixture. His night time pool parties are now back in business.
Debbie R.
Plano, TX
October 2, 2018
A former pool cleaning tech. of ours referred Debbie to us. I talked with her and her pump is not catching prime. She emptied the skimmer and pump baskets, cleaned her pool, emptied the Polaris pool cleaner bag, cleared the wall connector screen, backwashed the filter and still the pool pump did not catch prime. We made an appointment to go out there and check this out. The owner pretty much did everything she did but also lubed the pump lid O-ring and tightened a few nuts on the pump and motor. This did not fix the problem. He then checked the plumbing going into the pool pump and found a slight leak. He repaired the suction leak on the pool pump and the system began to run very well.
Jim R.
Parker, TX
August 23, 2018
Jim is a weekly service customer and he called to report his chlorinator leaking badly and emailed us a video. The owner looked at his video and immediately knew what the problem was. He went to Jim's house and installed a new factory replacement high pressure, corrosion and chlorine resistant hose as the manufactured hose had failed causing the bad leak.
Jenifer P.
Plano, TX
August 20, 2018
Jenifer, a weekly service customer, emailed us a picture of her pool light. "See, here is black algae around the light. Also we struggle with our pool light as it seems to never work. I had an electrician come out and he got it working for a little bit but when we got home from work it had stopped already. The bulb itself looks like it came on about half way, we have the GFE and everything in place. He said it should be working but it isn't. Can you get it to work for us please"? The owner Kevin went to their house to inspect the pool light. He found that the entire light fixture was contributing to the bulb not working. He needed to replace the fixture and she chose a 500 watt equivalent white LED pool light with fixture.
Terri M.
St. Paul, TX
August 15, 2018
Terri called because, "when I turned on the heater all of the water drained to the pool and I can't get water back into the spa. I'm adding water with a hose right now but when I turn it on it drains again. I'm afraid it will burn up the pump this way, can you please come out? The owner went the same day to check out why the spa is draining. Luckily what he found was an easy solution. The spa check valve had failed and needed replaced. After this was done the spa held water and continues to.
Jason N.
Parker, TX
August 9, 2018
Jason called us, " My pump won't prime. It's a 2 speed Hayward, there is low output. All of the baskets are emptied, I opened the pressure relief valve on the filter and nothing came out. The equipment isn't even four years old yet. The pool is still clear after three days of being off but green fuzz's are growing on the walls." The company owner went out the same day to investigate why this problem is happening. Upon inspection of the equipment and testing it's performance he found the pool pump impellor to be clogged in every way possible. He cleared the impellor of all debris and reinstalled it on the pump. He tested the performance again and everything came to life. Jason was very happy the problem was solved so easily.
Jason S.
Dallas, TX
August 6, 2018
Jason is a new weekly service customer of ours. He emailed us, You recently installed a new Polaris sweeper and it was doing great but it stopped working earlier in the week. We got it work again for a few days and now it is not working again. The algae from lack of circulation has built up pretty badly. I went to Leslie pool supplies and they recommended adding some algaecide which I added yesterday but the algae was so bad it barely made an impact. Could you please send someone out to fix the sweeper and help treat the pool to get it back to blue again? The owner Kevin went to his house to see what is going wrong. He found the Polaris hose screen to be fully packed with debris and DE from the pool filter. This means that there is one or more broken parts inside the filter that need replaced. We had to perform a filter clean service to determine which part(s) are bad. Kevin found two bad/busted grids and three others that were crushed and needing replaced. He replaced all five of the affected grids, started the pool, added DE through the skimmer for the filter and cleaned the pool. After Jason let the pool run for a few days he emailed us back, Thank you guys for your help. The pool is clear, blue and wanting to be swam in. You guys are awesome!
Sandy G.
Richardson, TX
August 1, 2018
Her husband called us because we service the pool and he noticed the pool losing more water than usual. He would like the owner to come out and look. The owner went to his house and evaluated the pool equipment. After ten minutes he was able to identify a break in a PVC pipe just below ground. He had to dig out around it then was able to cut out and replace the busted PVC pipe. This solved the leak issue her husband was observing.
Kathy R.
Dallas, TX
July 20, 2018
Kathy is a weekly service customer of ours. She emailed us, My pool is very green today. It has been getting progressively worse. I have checked it and noticed the past two weeks for sure that after the pool guy leaves there is still a ring of green algae around one side of it. I got Gary to clean it off one week so I know it will come off. I am sure it is because of the crepe myrtle buds dropping in the pool. The owner replied to her email and said the pool issues are due to the ducks, which cause havoc to pools. The pool needs another heavy dose of phosphate treatments and a filter clean. She approved this work to be done by the next time we come to service her pool. Her pool cleaner Jose did a filter clean service the next week and added the phosphate treatment to combat all the crud that the duck droppings had left in the water. With these two things done her pool is clear, blue and algae free.
Sean K.
Wylie, TX
July 9, 2018
Sean called because he noticed over the week that his Polaris cleaner was not performing as usual. It's not hardly moving, all of the baskets are cleared and the pool is full. The pool runs but the Polaris cleaner pump doesn't seem to work, can you help? The owner went to look at the Polaris booster pump. He found it to have a slight leak. He had to replace the pump seal, O-ring and impellor. Doing this work stopped the leak and enabled the Polaris cleaner to function as usual.
Andy M.
Garland, TX
June 22, 2018
He called wondering if, "you offer some sort of service where you teach home owners how to operate and clean their pool?" We just bought the house a few weeks ago and have never owned a pool. If you can come out could you also clean the pool up at the same time? The owner went to evaluate their pool for cleaning. They meet him out there and asked him to proceed after he made an estimate. He made an appointment to come the next day so he would have more time to teach them how to clean the pool and do the work. After he had finished the pool was clear, blue and ready to use. They were very excited that they got to record him doing the work and going over how all of the valves work at the equipment and how to work the computer. The last time we spoke they said that together they are cleaning the pool and adjusting chemicals. Happy doesn't even begin to describe how they feel with our services.
Terry N.
Sachse, TX
June 15, 2018
This lady called us because, "when I backwash my filter I notice DE (white powdery stuff) blowing back into the pool." When this happens a filter clean has to be done to know which filter internals are damaged. The owner went to do this work and after finished he found three of the filter grids to be damaged. He replaced the grids and properly started the pool and added DE through the skimmer. She asked him to clean the pool while there. She was so happy that she asked us to service her pool going forward a week later.
Ruth K.
Sachse, TX
June 14, 2018
Ruth had contacted us years past to do a little work for her pool, like replacing a pool pump motor or capacitor. She called because the spring had caused a lot of stuff to blow into the pool. She was backwashing the filter and adding chlorine and acid but not getting good results. The owner went out to look at her pool and equipment. He noticed the filter pressure was high which caused algae to grow in the pool. Only a filter clean and inspection of the internal components could indicate ongoing issues. This showed the owner that two filter grids and the top manifold were damaged, causing algae to thrive, the bottom to look dirty and the water to not clear. He replaced the affected parts, started the system up and added the proper amount of DE back through the skimmer and the pool began to clear in less than a day.
Rich P.
Plano, TX
June 7, 2018
Rich, a weekly service customer, called because water was gushing from the equipment area and flooding the alley. His son turned it off before the city came to fine them. The owner went to investigate the problem and found the filter tank O-ring had busted causing the leak. He performed a filter clean also and found three bad filter grids needing replaced. This was done and the filter tank O-ring replaced so the massive water loss was stopped.
Charlie M.
Rowlett, TX
May 18, 2018
Charlie called, "I need someone to teach me how to maintain my pool. It has a salt water system, can you help?" Of course we can, we offer 'Pool School' which has a one hour minimum charge then billed in 15 minutes increments afterwards. He said, sounds good let's do it! I found y'all though my online search comparing companies. Yours had the best rating, BBB certification, and consistent reviews. The owner went out and conducted pool school. Charlie told us he feels confident enough now to maintain his pool after meeting with the owner and videoing him. He said the only reason I should need to call is if there's a repair needing done.
Sharon M.
Garland, TX
May 4, 2018
Sharon called because she was having a hard time getting her pool up and running. The hard freeze over the winter had thawed and she just looked at the pool. The owner went to look at everything. He found one of the skimmers to be totally clogged up with debris, zero chlorine reading, and a generally murky pool. He made a bid for these three items and she approved. He was able to unclog the skimmer with a special tool, he had to take apart and clean internal filter components and heavily shock the pool. After a few days she called to tell us the pool water is blue again and she can see all of the steps now. In a few more days she can swim.
Scott M.
Plano, TX
April 27, 2018
Scott called because, "we have a couple of things that need repaired. The pool sweep pump is not turning on anymore and the pool controller isn't working right. The owner made an appointment to go there and look at his equipment. Good news for Scott is the pool sweep pump, (booster pump), only needed a few wires tightened down. We had to rewire the computer to allow for the Polaris and other pumps to work properly.
Mike J.
Wylie, TX
March 30, 2018
Mike left a message for us late Sunday night saying his pool filter motor was making a huge noise and needed us to come out. After speaking with him Monday morning we were cleared to go and look at his pool filter motor. The owner found the noisy motor and saw the pump also needed to be diagnosed. He made a bid on the spot for Mike to look over and he approved it. The next day our owner went back out and installed a new 1 1/2 HP pool pump with necessary plumbing supplies.
Pompa B.
Plano, TX
March 29, 2018
A weekly pool service customer called to report low suction from his pool pump. I checked the baskets, flushed a water hose through the skimmer lines, emptied the pump basket and still low suction. Can you help? The owner of the company went to his house for diagnosis. He found the main pool pump impellor badly clogged with debris. He cleared it out, installed a new pump basket and this solved the low suction issues that were reported.
Larry T.
Wylie, TX
February 28, 2018
Larry's been a customer of ours for about six years. He called after the extended freeze we endured over the new year to tell us everything has thawed out and it's time to start the equipment. Can you come help? The owner went over to Larry's to start everything and the pool pump motor cracked when he switched it on. This was due to the extended freeze causing damage we couldn't see. We gave him a bid to replace the pool pump motor and we completed the install the next morning. Larry was happy that it was only one full day he had to wait for the repair.

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