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David Barb
Sachse, TX
December 16, 2019

He approved all of the work to be done. We broke through the deck to repair the broken pipe and patched to match as best we could. David and his wife were very happy with this. After finishing removing and replacing the deck-O-seal around the pool she was over the moon. They are very satisfied and glad the leak has stopped.

Bryan C.
Sachse, TX
December 14, 2019

Our owner went to his house Saturday because the leak was so bad. He found the filter bulkheads were both cracked and the PVC where they meet. After replacing the two filter bulkheads and related plumbing all problems were over.

Joni D.
Richardson, TX
December 13, 2019

Our owner went to diagnose the issue. This turned out to be a simpler repair. She needed a new capacitor and bearing for the fountain pump motor. Since replacing these parts she is happy to see the spa fountain running again.

Jen P.
Plano, TX
December 4, 2019

It was recommended that they get a new Polaris booster pump. We sent them a bid for this work, they approved the same hour. Our owner went to their home and installed the new Polaris booster pump and necessary plumbing.

Takashi S.
Richardson, TX
December 3, 2019

The owner went to his house the next day when the gate would be open to clean his filter. After removing and cleaning the grid pack, he found every grid has holes or tears in them which allows DE filter media to blow back into the pool keeping it dirty and cloudy. We ordered a whole new grid pack for his 48sqft DE filter and got that installed. Takashi was so happy he asked us to do a one-time clean on the pool as well.

Jim R.
Plano, TX
November 25, 2019

The lead tech. went to his house for a diagnosis. The freeze guard was not functioning and he found a couple O-rings needed replaced. Jim was home while he was there so he showed him the problems and got approval for repairs on the spot. He had to make repairs to the freeze guard wiring / sensor and replaced the union gaskets and pump lid O-ring on the pool pump.

Joe H.
Garland, TX
November 21, 2019

Our lead repair technician went to his house the same day. He inspected the performance of the Polaris as well the booster pump. It was determined there was a broken hose inside the Polaris unit that prevented water from reaching the drive unit. After he replaced this part the Polaris in-pool cleaner ran good as new.

Doug H.
Dallas, TX
November 20, 2019

Our owner went to his house to meet with him. Doug was better able to explain his concerns about the automatic run feature that kicks in during freezing weather, that is controlled by the freeze guard. His was not functioning nor was the timer for the Polaris automatic cleaner. We bid to replace his existing timers with a dual timeclock with freeze guard as well to repair and adjust the Polaris automatic in-pool cleaner. He agreed to the bid and we completed this for him just before the freezing weather came in.

Tonya M.
Dallas, TX
November 15, 2019

Our lead technician made it to her house the same day. He went to the front of the house to listen for the water and that confirmed his thoughts that the backwash valve is faulty. He did some troubleshooting on the backwash valve and found several O-rings had failed and broken parts internally. They approved repairing the backwash valve and had no more water loss after this was completed.

Dorothy J.
Richardson, TX
November 8, 2019

The owner went to her house the same day to diagnose the issue. After thorough testing he determined the pool pump was beyond repairs. We gave her a bid to install a new 2HP Pentair whisperflow pool pump and necessary plumbing. She approved this bid. He completed the work on her equipment and tested its performance. Everything was working properly and she was relieved to not worry about it.

Buckey P.
Rowlett, TX
October 16, 2019

Kevin, Sterling Pools owner, went to their house and was able to quickly verify it was the pool pump motor. After inspecting the motor more closely he found it had aged beyond repair and needed replaced. Buckey approved us to install a new pool pump motor, seal and gasket. After this work there was no more loud high pitched humming noise and the filter pressure was even looking more normal.

Monroe M.
Rowlett, TX
October 7, 2019

Our owner went to his house to take measurements for the PVC pipe in the spa. When he looked at the heater it had a bad gas valve. He came back to install the new PVC pipe water feature with a fountain head and replace the gas valve inside the heater. Monroe was very pleased with his spa and has since enjoyed the working heater.

Ken A.
Dallas, TX
October 3, 2019

Ken approved the bid our owner put together for him to repair the backwash valve and seal the skimmer throat to stop water loss. He completed this work and the pool held water as it should.

Robbie R.
Rowlett, TX
October 1, 2019

The owner of our company went to her house. He first checked for any obvious leaks at the equipment. When he could find none the next thing was to look at the valve internal parts for issues. He found two of the valves had bad O-rings. He replaced them and tested the Polaris and spa. They both ran fine and the spa no longer drained.

Jim B.
Sachse, TX
August 29, 2019

Our owner went to his house and confirmed the fear for the cracked pump, it needs to be replaced. He looked at the spa line and found the check valve is bad causing the water loss overnight. The spa air blower has some issues and isn't working at 100%. We gave Jim our bid to repair these problems and he happily approved. He reported the spa is holing water, the pump is holding water, and the air blower is just wonderful.

Michael N.
Dallas, TX
August 28, 2019

The owner went to his house. The pool pump/motor was visibly hopping up and down on the equipment pad when he got to it. Immediately he shut it all down and started looking into the pool pump/motor. He found several parts had completely failed and led to the shaking/hopping Michael had heard. The owner spoke with him while there and approved a new pool pump/motor to be installed. This fixed the problem.

Carol F.
Dallas, TX
August 2, 2019

One of our technicians went to her house and first checked if the skimmer baskets were full. They were not full but he noticed there was no water going into the skimmer, the pool water level was half way up the tile as it should be. He reached in the front of the skimmer opening and found the weir door that keeps debris in the skimmer when it's not running was stuck. He pushed it down which allowed water to flow into the skimmer and eliminated the bubbles and air in the lines after the pool had ran properly with water.

Chris S.
Dallas, TX
August 2, 2019

The owner made it to his house the same day he called. He tested the water and found zero chlorine and the other chemicals were out of balance. He checked the equipment and found the filter pressure to be almost over 30psi. This is very high and after talking Chris told him they haven't had the pool serviced since moving in. He told Chris that's the reason the pool turned green and also the filter that's currently there is one size too small for his pool. We explained to Chris that with a pool of 25k gallons a 48 sq. ft. filter could not properly filter the water and he needs a 60 sq. ft. filter to do this. He approved the larger filter to be installed, one time clean and balancing chemicals. Three days after doing this work he called to tell us the pool didn't look this good when they first moved in, very impressive.

Carol R.
Plano, TX
August 1, 2019

The owner went to her house the same day to look where the rail could best be installed. He found the best place and got her approval for placement and cost. Before the following weekend we had her new deck mounted, hand grab rail installed. She called after that weekend to say how much she appreciates our prompt responses and timely work; it's so much easier to use the pool now!

Frances I.
Allen, TX
July 31, 2019

Our owner went to his house to see about the leak he noticed. The source of the leak is at the pool pump motor, internal gaskets/seals had failed. We removed the old motor and replaced with a new one. As expected this stopped the leak.

Craig C.
Plano, TX
July 24, 2019

The pool sweep pump capacitor was out, which was causing the clicking noise. We replaced it and the pool sweep runs as intended.

Pam C.
Plano, TX
July 24, 2019

The owner went to her house to check whey this is. He found the capacitor that sits on top of the motor had blown up and off of the motor! He removed what was left of the old part and installed a new capacitor. After this the booster pump worked very well.

Don D.
Wylie, TX
July 23, 2019

We replaced the pool pump timer mechanism so that the timer for the pool would run correctly. The backwash valve needed a new internal assembly. The pool sweep timer needed a simple wire repair and now the sweep runs.

Tommy O.
Murphy, TX
July 23, 2019

We replaced the seal and o-ring on the pool pump. We found the DE filter had a small drip and simply needed a drain plug o-ring. The swimming pool is running with no further issues.

Kara M.
Murphy, TX
July 22, 2019

We found the backwash valve internal assembly needed to be replaced, which we did. We also noted DE in the pool. She approved a filter clean and found there were bad grids and the top filter manifold was bad. We replaced three grids, the manifold, re-assembled the DE filter and the pool is again clean and clear.

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