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Sterling Pool Service, Inc., Swimming Pool Service & Repair, Wylie, TX

Accredited member since 2000.

Pool Maintenance and Cleaning in Dallas, TX

Pool Cleaning Company in Dallas, TX.

Sterling Pool Service is a full service swimming pool cleaning company that offers pool maintenance, pool cleaning, equipment repairs, pool renovations, and other related services for your swimming pool and equipment in Dallas, TX.

At Sterling Pool Service, we are a pool maintenance company that handles the total care of your residential pool. We will work with you to obtain the best possible cleaning and maintenance results for your pool, so you don't have to.

Our proven experience in the pool service industry shows just how reputable Sterling Pool Services is in handling the services for your pool. Regardless of the pool service we're providing, we will work with you every step of the way and we will present you with a comprehensive estimate so you will know exactly what services you will be paying for. It doesn't matter if you want weekly cleaning services or renovations for your pool, we will provide you the best services within your budget.

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When you need work done on your residential swimming pool in the Greater Dallas, TX area, contact us at 888-973-0274. We have been providing exceptional services to our customers for over 26 years and will ensure we do the same for you and your swimming pool.

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Learn about Dallas:

Dallas is surrounded by over 12 counties that make up the DFW metroplex and is among the top-ranked cities in recognition for a variety of reasons. The city is in the top ranking for visitor and leisure destinations in Texas. Thanks to the DFW International Airport, from Dallas you can get practically anywhere in the United States in a decent amount of time. Dallas is also nationally recognized for its urban arts district as well as the abundance of diverse attractions and entertainment centers. Dallas is also home to a multitude of professional sports teams. Within the big city, there are options for everyone to enjoy.
Customer Reviews from Dallas
Pete P from Dallas, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jun 9th, 2019
Great service and communication.
Jimmy M from Dallas, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Jan 22nd, 2019
We have used Sterling Pool Service for over 15 years. They have always be responsive to us as customers. Really nice people
Charry M from Dallas, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Oct 20th, 2018
My phone calls and requests are always answered quickly and Kindly. The cleaning and servicing is excellent. Highly recommend!
Jason S from Dallas, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Sep 12th, 2018
Wow, what a great pool service! They are honest, dependable, communicate well and take great care of their customers. I've used several other pool services companies within DFW in the past and they are by far the BEST pool service I've had. Most of the other services I've used were not dependable or didn't do a good job on cleaning.....can't say enough good things about this company.
Janet M from Dallas,
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jun 30th, 2018
Couldn't be happier.
Billy S from Dallas, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Oct 23rd, 2017
I call them back if I have any pool
Roberta R. from Dallas, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Oct 13th, 2017
I finally found a pool company that shows up each week and does what they say they’ll do!
Diana R. from Dallas, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Oct 5th, 2017
We had Sterling Service our pool for over five years. We are now out of state but believe everyone should have a company like theirs for their pool.
Janet M from Dallas, TX
4.5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jul 11th, 2017
I've always been satisfied with Sterlings sterling service. I have recommended them to family and friends and they are pleased too.
Marie D. from Dallas, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
May 22nd, 2017
I just want you to know that my tech has done and is doing a GREAT job in cleaning and maintaining the pool. It is truly the first time the pool has looked continuously clean and maintained.
Testimonials from Dallas
Testimonial From Jimmie in Dallas, TX
Jimmie in Dallas uses our service for two different residences.
Testimonial From Susan in Dallas, TX
Susan in Dallas found us through her home warranty provider.
Testimonial From Jackie C. in Dallas, TX
Jackie in Dallas has relied on us for over 10 years.
Debra C in Dallas, TX
Debra in Dallas offers says she will definitely be recommending us.
Testimonial From Steve in Dallas, TX
Steve in Dallas continues to use us for all his pool needs.
Completed Jobs from Dallas
David M.
October 18, 2018
David is a weekly pool maintenance service customer of ours. He called a few days after his service day because, I noticed there is a slow leak dripping from under the heater cabinet and I hope it's just a loose connection. The owner of Sterling Pools made an appointment to investigate this problem. When he was checking the connections inside and outside of the heater, he noticed the heat exchanger and gaskets were worn out and causing the leak. He had to order parts. He went back over after the parts came in and replaced the heater heat exchanger and gasket parts. He also needed to install a new internal bypass assembly and unitherm governor inside the heater front header.
Robin L.
October 8, 2018
Sterling Pools service technician was at her house cleaning her pool. He pulled the Polaris automatic pool cleaner sweep out of the pool and noticed it had a bad wheel. Upon further inspection he found a bad wheel axle and wheel bearing. Jose is a very versatile and effective technician , as he had replacement parts on his truck, and was able to replace the affected parts. The Polaris pool sweep is now running all over the pool again picking up debris between our visits.
Jason S.
August 6, 2018
Jason is a new weekly service customer of ours. He emailed us, You recently installed a new Polaris sweeper and it was doing great but it stopped working earlier in the week. We got it work again for a few days and now it is not working again. The algae from lack of circulation has built up pretty badly. I went to Leslie pool supplies and they recommended adding some algaecide which I added yesterday but the algae was so bad it barely made an impact. Could you please send someone out to fix the sweeper and help treat the pool to get it back to blue again? The owner Kevin went to his house to see what is going wrong. He found the Polaris hose screen to be fully packed with debris and DE from the pool filter. This means that there is one or more broken parts inside the filter that need replaced. We had to perform a filter clean service to determine which part(s) are bad. Kevin found two bad/busted grids and three others that were crushed and needing replaced. He replaced all five of the affected grids, started the pool, added DE through the skimmer for the filter and cleaned the pool. After Jason let the pool run for a few days he emailed us back, Thank you guys for your help. The pool is clear, blue and wanting to be swam in. You guys are awesome!
Kathy R.
July 20, 2018
Kathy is a weekly service customer of ours. She emailed us, My pool is very green today. It has been getting progressively worse. I have checked it and noticed the past two weeks for sure that after the pool guy leaves there is still a ring of green algae around one side of it. I got Gary to clean it off one week so I know it will come off. I am sure it is because of the crepe myrtle buds dropping in the pool. The owner replied to her email and said the pool issues are due to the ducks, which cause havoc to pools. The pool needs another heavy dose of phosphate treatments and a filter clean. She approved this work to be done by the next time we come to service her pool. Her pool cleaner Jose did a filter clean service the next week and added the phosphate treatment to combat all the crud that the duck droppings had left in the water. With these two things done her pool is clear, blue and algae free.
Frank H.
January 22, 2018
A monthly service customer of ours for over ten years called to say he is noticing water loss beyond evaporation. He asked if his pool cleaner technician would look into this. We had his tech. look for any issues and he was able to find some cracks had formed inside of the skimmer throat. Luckily this was a relatively simple fix. The owner had to drain the pool below the skimmer, reset tile inside the skimmer and seal the skimmer throat. After this was done and set, there were no further water loss issues.
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