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pool with blue mosaic tiles

The Classic Splendor of Tiled and Mosaic Swimming Pools

Imagine diving into waters sparkling with different hues of blue and you’ll have an idea of the added dimensions tiled and mosaic designs bring to swimming pools. A homeowner can reap the benefits of a beautiful tiled and mosaic pool in the right locale.

Aside from being an extra attraction at resale, well-maintained pools outfitted with such designs offer many advantages.


The Greeks and Romans used mosaic tiles to add a calming effect to the water features of their palaces. This is what it truly means to be a classic when it comes to pools and pool design. If you want to go beyond the standard blue squares, you can opt for ones that come in other colors or you can get an artist to create a mural out of glass tiles.


Tiles are watertight and very durable. They should last at least 10 years. They are resistant to changes in the weather. In case you have reservations about using tiles for your pool, always talk to your designer or installer before acquiring materials.


In case you’re worried about the environment, glass mosaic tiles can be recycled. You can take advantage of the latest and freshest designs and still be an environmentally-responsible citizen. Certain pool glass tiles also use upcycled glass materials that give your pool a nice, handcrafted look.

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