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Testimonial From Susan Goodman in Dallas, TX

I have done business with Sterling Pools for several years. The owner and staff are very Customer Service friendly. I first found them when I submitted a request for pool service from Amercian Home Shield. After going through several other pool companies, Sterling was a breath of fresh air, and I always call American Home Shield and personally request that they are sent to me when I need pool service. My husband, Marc, passed two years ago, so they offered take over some of the pool maintenance he had done in the past, and didn't charge me. They come every 6 weeks to backwash for me for $20.00--they do the same for several other widows. I live in Dallas, they are out of Wylie, which is about an hour away, so I'm sure they are losing money on that deal! They called for weeks afterward just to make sure I was OK. I think they are a wonderful small company with a heart. Rare to find these days.

Thank you,

Susan Goodman

Dallas, TX