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Pool Cleaning Company in Garland, TX.

Taking care of a privately owned swimming pool is tough. In order to maintain the pool’s quality, pool owners have to conduct regular cleaning, maintenance, and crack inspection. Though there are swimming pool equipment and accessories that can make the job easier, they’re still not enough to properly take care of your pool. In most cases, you’ll need professional pool specialists to handle the tasks.

Contact Sterling Pool Service if you’re looking to have your swimming pool in Garland, Texas professionally serviced. We’ve been in the full-service pool business since 1986, and we have the necessary equipment to keep your swimming pool in good condition. We’re fully trained in various cleaning and draining procedures for taking care of your pool. Plus, our pool specialists work efficiently and fast, so you can experience the improvements of your pool sooner.

Maintain Your Pool’s Quality with Sterling Pool Service Today

Sterling Pool Service offers services to help maintain your pool’s quality. Depending on your pool’s condition, we’ll perform one of the following:

  • Full pool cleaning and service
  • Professional leak inspection and repairs
  • Equipment installation and repairs
  • Top notch pool renovations

Call us today at 888-973-0274 and our friendly operators will be with you shortly.

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Learn About Garland, Texas

Garland is a large city located in the northeast of Dallas, Texas and is part of the DFW metroplex.  This city is the 12th most populous city of Texas with 226, 876 people residing in the area as of 2015. Garland is also home to several famous personalities including Rockabilly Hall of Fame inductee, Gene Summers, and American country music artist, Amber Dotson.

Garland is a city with various points of interests. It has over 2,880 acres of park land, along with 6 recreation centers, and 60 parks. As for entertainment, the city of Garland has the Granville Arts Center and the Plaza Theater. Garland also has a Historic Downtown and the Garland Museum, which houses the historical artifacts and documents representing the period from 1850 to the present.

Customer Reviews from Garland
Marcia B. from Garland,
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Apr 10th, 2018
Sterling provided excellent service and I highly recommend them to the new owners
Sharon M from Garland, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Nov 3rd, 2016
Love working with you guys! Always responsive to our needs and calls for help! Pool has never looked or worked better.
John C. from Garland, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jun 18th, 2016
Awesome on all all levels. Terri & Kevin are absolutely the greatest to work with -- great service!
John C. from Garland, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Feb 13th, 2016
Keith Weirich from Garland, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jun 10th, 2014
Excellent customer service. Extremely impressed with the quick, high quality work. By far the best pool company i've ever dealt with. I will for sure use again and will be the first on my list if anyone asks for a recommendation.
Kern from Garland, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
May 22nd, 2014
Tom Orent from Garland, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
May 19th, 2014
Exceeded my expectations
Testimonials from Garland
Testimonial From Kenny Eakin in Garland, TX
Kenny in Garland, TX has been a happy customer for 5 years.
Testimonial From Tiffany in Garland, TX
Tiffany in Garland, TX had a positive experience with our service.
Completed Jobs from Garland
Sharon M.
May 4, 2018
Sharon called because she was having a hard time getting her pool up and running. The hard freeze over the winter had thawed and she just looked at the pool. The owner went to look at everything. He found one of the skimmers to be totally clogged up with debris, zero chlorine reading, and a generally murky pool. He made a bid for these three items and she approved. He was able to unclog the skimmer with a special tool, he had to take apart and clean internal filter components and heavily shock the pool. After a few days she called to tell us the pool water is blue again and she can see all of the steps now. In a few more days she can swim.
Andy M.
June 22, 2018
He called wondering if, "you offer some sort of service where you teach home owners how to operate and clean their pool?" We just bought the house a few weeks ago and have never owned a pool. If you can come out could you also clean the pool up at the same time? The owner went to evaluate their pool for cleaning. They meet him out there and asked him to proceed after he made an estimate. He made an appointment to come the next day so he would have more time to teach them how to clean the pool and do the work. After he had finished the pool was clear, blue and ready to use. They were very excited that they got to record him doing the work and going over how all of the valves work at the equipment and how to work the computer. The last time we spoke they said that together they are cleaning the pool and adjusting chemicals. Happy doesn't even begin to describe how they feel with our services.
Don B.
November 18, 2016
Don left a voicemail for us saying his pump is stopped up, please come and fix it. Our technician went to investigate the problem and had to replace O-rings in the suction jandy valve, lubed the pool pump lid o-ring and programmed the pool cleaner to operate daily as an extra. This fixed his problems.
Paul M.
October 11, 2016
Paul called to say, I filled pool yesterday today it is down 1/2 inch. We've been noticing that it goes down quickly and thought maybe just hot weather and evaporation but obviously not. Our owner went to see about why he's losing water. He found a leak inside the backwash valve and had to repair it. The pool is holding water the way it should.
Pat G.
October 10, 2016
She is a regular weekly service customer of ours and our pool technician noticed her Polaris is broken and needs repairs. He brought it in to be looked at and after our owner evaluated it he found it needed to be replaced. She approved the work and when we went to replace it at her house he found the pool sweep pump capacitor was bad as well. He replaced that after installing the automatic pool cleaner sweep and it all runs perfectly now.
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