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The Cause of Green Pools - Phosphate Level Imbalance

Most pool owners have been there at least one time, especially during Spring or Fall. You walk out to your pool and it starts to take on an ugly shade of green. Going green is not a good look when it's on your pool. But what causes it? Normally the cause it a phosphate imbalance.

What Causes My Pool to Turn Green?

The Cause of Green Pools - Phosphate Level Imbalance

Phosphate, an organic compound, is a product that is great for helping fertilize and make plants grow.  It is also used in things like hair conditioners, detergents, and some foods.  It's great when you need crops to grow strong and healthy, but not good when it's in your pool and helping algae to grow in your pool.

With most pool issues, chlorine can fix the issue.  Unfortunately, even high levels of chlorine (also called shocking) can only help when phosphate levels get too high to fight the algae but it's enough to slow the spread. If your pool is constantly turning green even when you are keeping chlorine levels at the right level, you probably have a phosphate imbalance that needs to be treated differently.

How do I Prevent a Phospate Imbalance in My Pool?

Some phosphates enter a pool from the air and can't be prevented, but there are some things you can do to prevent extra phosphates from entering the water.

  • Shower before entering the pool to wash off detergents, shampoo, soaps and other things that might be on your skin and clothes
  • Clean out leaves and other yard debris 
  • Don't plant plants and trees that give off high levels of pollen and drop a lot of leaves 
  • Prevent water runoff into your pool as much as possible

How do I Correct a Phosphate Imbalance?

First, you'll need to test the water to measure your phosphate levels.  This can be done at any standard pool supply store or with an at-home test.  Sterling Pool can treat your pool with a phosphate remover as part of your weekly cleanings.  You can also find phosphate remover at pool supply stores or at reputable online stores.  

If you are worried about your phosphate levels or think your pool is turning green too often, call Sterling Pool Service at 888-973-0274 or complete our contact form for one of our team members to contact you.