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Accredited member since 2000.

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What We Can Do For You

  • Check and Balance Chemicals
  • Pool will be Vacuumed or Leaf Mastered
  • Pool and Spa will be Brushed as Needed
  • Empty Skimmer Basket(s) and Pump Pot Basket
  • Backwash Filter as Needed
  • Empty Sweep Bag
  • Check Sweep Finger Wall Screen
  • Circulation Adjustments
  • Includes All Normal Maintenance Chemicals
  • Monitor Salt Levels

Why Choose Sterling Pool Service

  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Simple Month-To-Month Agreements
  • Background Checks
  • Pool Technicians are Trained
  • They report equipment problems.
  • They protect your pool equipment in freezing weather.

Weekly Cleaning and Pool Service

Pool Service weekly

The Sterling Pool Service weekly pool cleaning plan has been designed to take care of essential elements of proper pool maintenance. When you hire Sterling Pool Service to take care of your pool, you get a simple month-to-month service agreement with no long-term commitments. Our professional pool technicians will make sure your pool is always sparkling and clean, and is operating at its highest potential.

Contact Sterling Pool Service in Sachse, TX

If you live in Sachse, Wylie, Murphy, Rowlett, Plano, Allen, Dallas, and Garland call us at 888-973-0274 to find out more about our swimming pool repair, maintenance, and other swimming pool services.

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Recent Pool Cleaning Jobs

The owner went to his house the next day when the gate would be open to clean his filter. After removing and cleaning the grid pack, he found every grid has holes or tears in them which allows DE filter media to blow back into the pool keeping it dirty and cloudy. We ordered a whole new grid pack for his 48sqft DE filter and got that installed. Takashi was so happy he asked us to do a one-time clean on the pool as well.

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The owner made it to his house the same day he called. He tested the water and found zero chlorine and the other chemicals were out of balance. He checked the equipment and found the filter pressure to be almost over 30psi. This is very high and after talking Chris told him they haven't had the pool serviced since moving in. He told Chris that's the reason the pool turned green and also the filter that's currently there is one size too small for his pool. We explained to Chris that with a pool of 25k gallons a 48 sq. ft. filter could not properly filter the water and he needs a 60 sq. ft. filter to do this. He approved the larger filter to be installed, one time clean and balancing chemicals. Three days after doing this work he called to tell us the pool didn't look this good when they first moved in, very impressive.

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The owner went to David's house. He turned on the equipment and the pump ran, the Polaris pool sweep automatic cleaner pump turned on and the Polaris moved in the pool but the filter pressure was at 37. This generally is a very high and dangerous amount of pressure as it could cause the filter top to blow off and land who knows where. David explained he didn't know what to do for it. His filter backwash outlet was not hooked up to any in-ground plumbing and he had not backwashed the filter once in 2 months. Kevin recommended a roll-out flat flex hose be installed at the outlet so he can roll the house into the yard for backwashing the filter. We had to do a filter clean while there and installed the new backwash hose. He hasn't reported high pressure issues since.

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We did a filter clean (no problem found) and evaluated the spa check valve for repairs but no other repairs were needed.

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After cleaning up the pool for the first time, the customer began a weekly cleaning service the next week

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