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Why Should You Use Plaster?

Why Should You Use Plaster
  1. PLASTER IS A TIME TESTED PRODUCT: Plaster has been used as a swimming pool surface coating for the past 50 years. This experience has shown that plaster is a durable surface that can stand up to the environment of proper pool water chemistry. There is no other pool surface on the market with this time tested history.
  2. PLASTER IS ECONOMICAL: Plaster is the most economical pool surface. Its initial cost is well below more expensive options. In addition, the average plaster surface can easily last 15 to 25 years, which makes Plaster one of the most economical components of a swimming pool. That's value for your investment.
  3. REPAIRABLE AND FORGIVING: Taking care of your pool takes time and attention. As time goes on and mistakes are made, a pool surface can become stained, discolored, and/or damaged. Stains on a plastered pool can be chemically removed or sanded off. A plaster surface can tolerated several of these procedures in its lifetime.
  4. PLASTER IS LONG LASTING: The secret to long life of any pool surface is properly maintained water balance. Improper water balance will destroy any pool surface and in many cases, void the warranty of that surface. A plaster surface, in a properly maintained pool, can last 15 to 25 years.
  5. PLASTER IS NON-TOXIC AND ECOLOGICALLY SOUND: There is a lot of concern today about toxic products. Pool plaster is made from some of Mother Nature's finest materials. Plaster, being a cement product, is part of the largest segment of the construction industry. The backbone of construction and the world, is cement.
  6. PLASTER IS AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF COLORS: Pool Plaster is available world-wide. You need not worry that your pool surface will become obsolete. Plaster can be done in a wide variety of colors to create any appearance desired. The color is not just surface coating but continuous through the entire material. In addition, options are available for different finish techniques including QuartzScapes, Diamond Brite, that allow for great variety in obtaining a desired pool appearance.

Common Misconceptions About Pool Plaster

Do plaster finishes use more chemicals that a pool with a different surface?

NO. Chemical usage is a function of the water not of the pool surface. Conditions such as water temperature, air temperature, wind, humidity and pool usage are the significant variable in chemical use - not the pool surface. If anyone tells you different, ask them for documentation.

Does a plastered pool finish encourage the growth of algae, especially the dreaded black algae?

NO. As anyone knows who owns a fish aquarium, algae is a function of water, not a function of pool finish. Algae sticks to glass in an aquarium, so it will stick to ANY pool surface. If your pool is properly sanitized you won't have algae. If you have algae, you haven't sanitized your pool properly. It's that simple.

Is the water in a plaster finished pool colder than a pool with a different surface?

NO. It is well documented that 95% of the heat loss of pool water occurs from the water surface. Only 5% of heat loss is from the shell. No pool surface will eliminate this 5% loss, and if it could, the difference in water temperature would be less than one degree.

Do plaster finished pools leak?

NO. Most pool leaks occur in the skimmer throat where the tile grout meets the plastic skimmer. Plaster finishes are water tight and will prevent water loss through the shell. If the shell structure of the pool cracks due to ground movement or other cause, any pool finish will crack.

Does the surface of refinished pools fail after a short time?

NO. The procedures for replastering pools have evolved dramatically since the early days of replastering. Modern procedures assure that the new plaster will bond to the underlying material. As with any product, there are companies who do a good job and stand behind their work and bad companies who sell you on a low price and are not around when it fails. Consumers encourage the bad companies by only being concerned about price. Choose your plaster applicator the same as you would any service company based on reputation, referral, references, length of experience, etc.

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