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Pool Fix-it: Why Your Pool Worker is Like Your Mechanic

It's hard to find a good mechanic. You want someone with proven experience, technical and diagnostic skills, and most importantly, someone you can trust. When you find that person, you keep them at all costs because you know that you are in the best of care. That's how it is when it comes to finding a reliable, experienced pool service company.

Pool fix it

A qualified pool repairman's work is technical. What’s so scientific about dumping water in a pool? It’s not rocket science, is it? While pool work may not rev up some engines, it takes some knowledge in chemistry to keep your pool safe for you to swim. A pool technician needs to balance the pH level of the water; otherwise it may end up too acidic or too alkaline. You don’t want an acidic pool because it will ruin the tiles and the grout. A pool with too much alkalinity will be painful to the skin and the eyes. The pool also needs to be properly chlorinated and, if needed, treated for algae. The type of algae a pool may encounter determines the treatment needed, so your pool technician must know the options available. All pool chemicals must be properly balanced. Too much chlorine can cause chlorine lock and, if that happens, a pool must be drained.

A pool repairman also fixes stuff. If you thought that the only intricate part of pool maintenance involves the water, think again. There are a lot of moving parts involved in running your pool. First, there’s the main pool pump and pool motor. Don't worry if you get confused. We can talk your language and determine the problem you have.

There are three types of filters: DE, cartridge and sand. For a DE filter, the repairman has to totally disassemble it off of the manifolds, clean each grid and check for tears or rips. Then it must be re-assembled so that it doesn't leak, properly charge with the correct amount of DE and make sure it's running at a clean pressure. It's a wet, smelly job.

Cartridge filters are the second most common and need to be taken out and cleaned; also should be replaced, as needed.

Then there's the sand filter. The repairman must take out the heavy, wet sand scoop by scoop, haul it off, and then re-fill with new filter-sand. Talk about labor intensive!

An experienced pool company has a team of people upon whom you can rely. When it comes to pools, your pool company knows best. Don’t be afraid to rely on us for how to get the best experience out of your investment - even if you've owned a pool for years. This is what he/she does for a living and you'll be glad that you have someone who watches after your best interests.

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