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What to Do When Your Pool Cleaner is Detached from the Wall

What to Do When Your Pool Cleaner is Detached from the Wall

No pool owner wants to spot the hose from an automatic pool sweep floating in the water, detached from the pool wall. But this happens on occasion. When it does, your sweep will no longer move or pick up debris.

To get things back in working order, find the end of the hose that connects to the wall out of the pool and reconnect it. These are typically easy to connect if you understand what you are looking at.

First, you want to identify where the hose connects to the wall. Then, take the end of the hose, lean over the edge of your pool, line up the hose connector piece with the hole in the wall, push it against the hole, and begin to twist clockwise until it sets firmly in place.

If you have trouble getting it reconnected, you probably need a new O-ring for your wall connector piece. That is a minor part and not a major expense.

Once the hose is reconnected, your automatic pool sweep should resume moving. If it does not move, check to see if the booster pump is running properly. If you don’t have a booster pump, the main pool pump is what powers your pool sweep.

If the pump is running but the sweep is not, carefully check for debris in the pool pump pot beneath the lid. If that is free of debris and the booster pump is running well, your next place to troubleshoot is the place where the hose connects to the wall. Simply twist it to the left to unscrew it and look inside of the hose connector.

There should be a “finger screen” inside the hose connector. Pull it out of the connector end and rinse it in the pool until it is totally clear of tiny debris. If this doesn’t help your pool sweep to run properly, pull the sweep unit out of the water.

It is best to not run the sweep when you remove it from the water because you will get really wet and the sweep can pull away from you. Once the sweep is in hand, empty the bag if needed and remove any blockage that might be impacting the wheels (tree limbs, leaves, acorns, pecans etc…).

If the wheels are free of debris, check the bottom of the pool sweep for any blockage that might enter there. Clear all existing debris and place the unit back in the pool. Do not throw or toss the pool sweep because this can cause damage.

Simply place it in the pool and turn on the booster pump/pool pump to check the performance. If your pool sweep runs well after this, you have solved the problem. If it still does not run, you will need to call a pool repair company.

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