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What a Pool Owner Needs to do When Pool Equipment Does Not Run

pool turned green due to lack of maintenance

When pool equipment does not run, you must still maintain the chemicals in your pool. Swimming pool owners seldom realize this can be done even when the water does not circulate. How? We're glad you asked.

If your pool turns green, you will need to broadcast 6-8 pounds of granular chlorine around the perimeter of your pool. Depending on the condition of the pool, you may have to shock and brush it for several days. Key to the success is thoroughly brushing the sides of the pool to circulate the water. The pool will become very cloudy and may last for a few hours. You may also need to scoop leaves and skim the surface. When temperatures are warm, you need to check chemicals daily.

As long as the pool is clear and blue, it is safe to swim; however, you will need to shock the pool afterward due to suntan lotions and perspiration. Keep in mind that for pool equipment that is running, you need to shock the pool with 1-2 pounds of granular chlorine after each heavy swimmer load.

NOTE: The above information is for white plaster (gunite) pools only and not recommended for saltwater pools or colored plaster.

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