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Types of Pool Pump Motors and How They Work

a photo of a swimming pool pump

There are two methods to keep your swimming pool clean; hands-on and machine powered. In the hands-on method, you are involved with the cleaning process. Using equipment such as leaf rakes to remove leaves and other obstructions out of the pool, handheld pool vacuums to suck up any dirt that has found its way to the pool floor, and covering it up with swimming pool covers, are just some of the examples of manual pool cleaning. For the machine powered method however, you have less involvement; because with a simple flip of a switch, pumps, filters, and skimmers will start drawing in pool water and expel them back into the swimming pool once the water is filtered.

Some people might find it difficult to understand how water pumps work. New pool owners, who are not well-acquainted with swimming pool pumps, can potentially scrap the idea of installing them or purchase fake or damaged pool pumps. Knowing how your swimming equipment operates will significantly decrease the chances of facing these types of situations and help you attain some knowledge as to what type of pump you should buy your pool.

What is a Pool Pump?

A swimming pool pump is a type of pool equipment that filters water. No magic is being produced when water is being filtered, and it is not a simple in and out process some people might think. A pump acts like a human heart. Powered by an electric motor, it circulates the pool water into various other tubes with and machines before it is returned into the pool.  The water however, does not pass through the pump immediately; it passes through a skimmer first so that large objects, such as twigs, stones, and leaves, won’t create a blockage in the pump. After the water has gone through the pump, it is led into a filter and heater before being distributed back into your pool.

Different types of Pool Pumps

Choosing the correct water pump depends on the size of your pool. If by any chance you have purchased the wrong type of pump, it may damage your pool, the motor itself, and consume more energy than the appropriate one.

Here is a list of the different types of water pumps available to help you pick out the right one for your pool.

Single-Speed Pump – This is the most popular choice among pool owners because of its inexpensiveness. It does the job as well as any other type of pumps, making it an efficient purchase. However, this pump consumes more energy; making it more suitable for pools that are rarely being used. Turning this off when there is no intention of using the pool is one effective practice to prevent the increase of your electric bill.

Double-Speed Pump – As what the name suggests, this pump can change its speed from slow to fast. Pools that have spa-like qualities benefit better from this pump; turning your pool into a therapeutic or Jacuzzi-like experience.

Variable-Speed Pump – Unlike the previous pumps, variable-speed pump has more than two speed options to choose from. Fast, moderate, slow, or whatever the pool owner wants, this pump can definitely do it for you. Because of the speed manipulation, it uses less energy consumption than the single-speed pump.


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