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Swimming Pool Gas Heaters

Whether a customer has an existing gas heater for their pool or is buying a new gas heater, one critical factor that is often overlooked are the BTUs. It’s important that the whole house gas meter is sized appropriately for the pool heater.  Assuming the pool heater uses natural gas, the meter must be sized – at a minimum – to the capacity of the pool heater itself and all gas appliances in the house. Your gas company will replace the meter at no cost. Provide them with the pool heater BTU and gas house appliances, and they will be able to determine what size meter is needed.

Pool heater maintenance is key. Make sure the pool chemicals are balanced at all times and that proper water flow is going through the heater. Make sure it is properly vented. Inspect the heater wires as rodents like to chew and can chew through them. If rodent droppings are present, check inside the heater to see if there are nests. Always make sure the heater area is clear of debris, especially the area where the pool heater is venting.

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