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RX Ball and Phosphate Treatments

Phosphate Treatment

Some pool needs to be treated for algae with an RX Ball. The purpose of the product is to help eliminate algae in the pool that chlorine alone is unable to do. It also helps with the pool water quality and to eliminate yellow algae that are still present after attempts to rid with proper pool chemistry and chlorine and shock alone.

Phosphate Treatment: Pool phosphates are determined by a special testing. They are found in fertilizer or decaying leaves/grass, and are airborne and cause algae. To treat the pool, we do an initial application and leave the bottle in order to do a maintenance dosage until the bottle is used up. This will last a couple of months and we will retest at that time.


RX Ball: RX Ball This is a pool mineral system is in the form of a ball that goes in the skimmer basket or pool pump pot (preferred due to better water flow). When emptying the basket/pool pump pot, be sure you do not throw this away. A filter clean must be done within two months of putting in the product to be fully effective. The filter pressure may go up slightly, which is normal. The filter cannot be backwashed for three weeks or it will wash out these valuable minerals.

Additional Information

  • The EPA registered, NSF Certified Pool RX family of products are non-corrosive and do not adversely affect water chemistry.
  • The RX product comes in a plastic ball that will be placed in your pump basket, the RX ball lasts six months to a year.
  • There is no interruption in pool use.
  • The RX product is a proprietary blend of minerals that effectively eliminates algae, and frees up low levels of chlorine to be more effective.
  • Algae can be a challenge to prevent in some pools, but this treatment along with your normal chemical treatment and filter cleaning will help algae in the future.

If you are having algae problems in your pool in Sachse, TX and the surrounding areas, you need a pool expert to help you with it. Sterling Pool Service is a company that specializes in pool service and cleaning, pool repairs, and pool renovation. We can also help maintain your pool for you, making sure that you have a clean and algae free pool to use at any time.

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