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Steps to Protect Your Pool after a Severe Storm

Steps to Protect Your Pool after a Severe Storm

There’s no question that outdoor swimming pools lend a touch of peace and relaxation to any home. It also lets homeowners enjoy the refreshing pool water any time – most especially during summer. To ensure that a pool’s always in swimmable condition, it needs to be taken care of frequently. However, a lot of people tend to ignore their pool’s maintenance, making it vulnerable to inclement weather like storms.

How Storms Affect the Pool Water

If a pool wasn’t properly covered beforehand, it’s likely that it’ll overflow during a storm. When a pool loses water, it washes out chemicals. A good illustration is a glass of lemonade. You have a glass of lemonade but want to make a pitcher. So you take the glass of lemonade, pour it into a pitcher of water, but now you have a watered down lemonade.

Simply put, when rainwater mixes with pool water, the pool’s pH and chlorine become imbalanced. Rain is generally acidic and carries various contaminants from the atmosphere, so it’ll significantly change the chemistry of the swimming pool.

If the water isn’t balanced, the pool has a higher risk of developing algae and encourage bacterial growth. To save your pool from severe storm damage, you need to do the following right after the disaster has passed:

Remove All the Debris in the Pool

Aside from rainwater, strong storms can also drop debris into the swimming pool. Branches, leaves, and other foreign objects not only make the water dirty but their presence makes it difficult to inspect the state of the pool.

In this situation, use all available pool cleaning equipment you own to fish out every junk from the water. Once you’ve gotten everything, you can proceed to the next steps.

Test the Water

Before you add any chemicals to the pool, you need to have the water tested first. You can grab a sample and run it through a pool test kit or ask your local swimming pool experts to do it for you. After the data’s been gathered, you can properly restore the pH and chlorine levels of the pool

Check the Pool Equipment

If the storm was pretty rough, go and inspect your swimming pool equipment for any damage. There’s a good chance that the pump or filter was affected. If you see any problems, especially if it involves electrical issues, have them repaired by the pool specialists pronto.

Call the Experts for Help

If you’re having trouble restoring your pool back to swimmable conditions, you have to call for professional help. The experts have the skill to restore the pool’s chemistry fast and use the proper tools to complete the job.

Plus, letting the pros take care of everything, gives you an opportunity to do other things. You can sit back and relax or turn your attention to other problems the storm may have caused on your property.

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