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Pool Maintenance Expenses

Pool Maintenance Expenses

Owning a swimming pool has expenses but a homeowner can minimize the pool costs by proper pool maintenance year-round. Each week pool chemicals must be checked and balanced. Nothing affects plaster deterioration more than an improper chemical balance. Plaster should last seven to ten years when balancing chemicals weekly.

Pool equipment should also be maintained. Equipment valves should be lubed regularly. A DE (diatomaceous earth) filter should be backwashed every six weeks or as needed, and the proper amount of DE put back in. Too much DE or too little DE can cause filter grids to break down. Be sure to check your filter plate for the filter size and then the DE bag for the proper amount to use. Also, be sure you use a one-pound coffee can or DE scoop. DE and cartridge filters should be broken down and cleaned every six months or as needed. 

Now let’s talk pool circulation. All skimmer baskets and the pool pump pot must be emptied at least once a week or more depending on the swimming pool environment. When baskets become clogged water does not flow through them resulting in little circulation, which can result in algae and pool equipment issues. This equals more money being spent than needs to be.

A well-maintained swimming pool is beautiful and relaxing. Contact Sterling Pool Service at 888-973-0274 or complete our contact form to discuss our maintenance program. With over 30 years of experience, we are the ones you can trust with your family’s health.