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Pool Cleaners: Pressure Side vs. Suction Side

Pool Cleaners: Pressure Side vs. Suction Side

Two of the most commonly used automatic pool cleaners are the pressure side and suction side systems. Both are designed to help make pool cleaning a hassle-free task, but one might be better suited to the task more than the other. To determine which cleaner fits your pool and your cleaning process, let’s look into what makes them different, as well as their pros and cons.  

Pressure Side Cleaner

Pressure side cleaners are attached to the pressure side of the swimming pool pump, hence their name. This type of pool cleaner uses and splits the water pressure into three major directions:

  1. The thrusters propel the unit to move forward.
  2. The venturi propels water upwards into a bag that captures large debris.
  3. The tail stirs up small particles and debris in the area to be captured by the pool filter.
Pool Cleaners: Pressure Side vs. Suction Side

Because of the pressure side cleaner’s design and unique features, it puts less strain on the filter – allowing it to last longer.

However, this system requires a booster pump to be able to move around the pool. If your pool isn’t plumbed for this type of cleaner, you’ll need to spend more just to get the upgrade. In addition, the venturi pushes dirt around instead of removing it instantly so your pool might not get cleaned as fast as you’d like.

Suction Side Cleaner

Suction cleaners are more affordable and are easier to handle. They use the existing suction power of your pool pump and can be easily connected to the skimmer or a designated cleaner line. Like what its name suggests, a suction side cleaner can suck the debris in the water and then return it to the pump basket. In a way, it acts like typical vacuum cleaner that is designed for swimming pool use.

However, suction pool cleaners don’t clean as efficiently. They’re better at cleaning mostly the bottom of the swimming pool, even if some are advertised to help clean the side of the walls. They also need to be attached to a powerful filter to be able to perform better.

Which One’s Better for You?

Suction Side Cleaner

In the end, your answer will depend on which one’s more convenient for you. If you need something that can remove large debris, then a pressure side cleaner is a good choice. However, if you’re looking for something inexpensive and gets most of the job done, the suction side cleaner is for you.

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