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Plaster Pool Finishing: A Traditional Favorite

A contemporary home with a plaster-finished pool Nowadays, there are many swimming pool finish options available to homeowners. These choices can range from cost-effective vinyl pool liners to elaborate and breathtaking tile mosaics. The style and pattern selections seem endless, and there is always a great opportunity to create a pool system that truly reflects the passions and individuality of the owner.

As a homeowner, it is always important for you to study the benefits and drawbacks of each type of pool finish before finally deciding which one to use for your pool. However, in terms of striking a perfect balance between simplicity, durability, and classic beauty, it’s hard to beat standard white plaster.

Composition - Plaster is the oldest and most commonly preferred pool finishing. Usually made with a mixture of cement, sand, and water, plaster is as simple and as traditional as it can get. It is applied over the guinite shell of the pool and dries up white if no dye is used.

Aesthetics - Although plaster can be colored according to personal design preferences, many homeowners want it to be kept purely white to create a refreshing, radiant pool atmosphere. Others prefer to give it an aqua blue color for that classic pool look, while many prefer even darker colors in order for the finish to serve as a passive solar heater during summer. Darker colors can also add a sense of depth and create a spectacular poolscape by mimicking the reflective quality of natural bodies of water.

Durability - Plaster finishing is also popular because it is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of finishes. But while it can last a good 5 to 10 years before erosion sets in, it is still not as resistant to the pool water’s chemistry as other materials like tiles and aggregates, so this is something you should consider when you’re planning to use plaster finishing.

Taking care of your pool’s plaster finishing is easier when you have a professional pool cleaning and maintenance service provider to help you. At Sterling Pool Service, we work hard to understand our clients’ individual needs so that we can provide them with truly customized pool care solutions. If you require pool plaster renovations or are looking for a specialized pool equipment, we can help you. Please call 888-973-0274 or contact us today to learn more.