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How to Prepare Your Pool for Warmer Weather

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When the temperatures start rising and the weather gets hotter, you start thinking about swimming in the pool you haven't been able to use all winter. There’s no better feeling than diving into a pool filled with cool water on a hot day, but you can’t enjoy using the swimming pool if it’s dirty or experiencing problems.

For this reason, you should make it a habit to prepare your pool anytime the climate changes. If you don’t know how to prepare your pool for the summer months, this blog will help.

Open Your Pool as Soon as Possible

If you want to enjoy using your pool as soon as it's hot outside, it’s smart to start preparing your pool early. It's always a good idea to start preparing your pool for swimming season in the early months of spring, especially in Texas, so you can enjoy your pool as soon as it's warm enough. It will also reduce algae growth since warm weather is the perfect temperature for algae to bloom.

Circulate the Water

To get your swimming pool ready sooner, it’s vital to get the water moving. Doing so will get the chemicals to move around and help stabilize the water’s pH levels. It’s in your best interest to circulate your pool water a few weeks before you’re ready to swim. It’s also ideal to leave the circulating equipment on for at least two to three hours each day.

Clean and Balance the Pool Water

Clean and Balance the Pool Water

Cleaning your pool will ensure the pool water is safe for use. It can also improve your swimming experience and prevent algae from growing too quickly. If you have yet to create a pool cleaning routine, here’s a good strategy you can try:

  • Clean and remove your pool cover
  • Use a nylon brush to scrub the sides and floors of the pool
  • Grab a pool skimmer and fish out floating debris (e.g. leaves, twigs, bugs, etc.)
  • Use your pool vacuum and put it on the “waste” setting (if applicable)

Once the pool is clean, your next course of action is to rebalance the water’s pH levels. This step is crucial because if the pH level is unbalanced, it can damage the mechanical components of your pool or irritate your eyes and skin.

Check Your Pool Equipment

Check Your Pool Equipment

The last but most important step is to inspect your pool equipment. You want to make sure that your swimming pool is in perfect condition before diving in, so be sure to look for the following issues:

  • Leaks
  • Clogged filters
  • Old or damaged pool parts

If you encounter any of these problems, have your broken pool equipment repaired or replaced as soon as possible so your pool will still be ready when the heat rises.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your swimming pool is fully prepared for the warmer weather. But, if you still have problems executing any of these steps, it’s in your best interest to contact your local pool company, like Sterling Pool Service for help. After all, as experts, we have the skill, experience, and the necessary pool equipment to prepare your swimming pool for the summer months, and any other weather change.

When you need help preparing your swimming pool for summer, contact Sterling Pool Service. We are your reliable swimming pool company for the areas of Sachse, Wylie, Murphy, Plano, Allen, Richardson, Garland and Dallas, Texas. We offer excellent swimming pool services and cleaning, leak detection and repair, and pool renovations.

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