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What to do Between Professional Pool Cleaning Services

What to do Between Professional Pool Cleaning ServicesIn between professional pool cleaning and maintenance services, there are certain things you can do as a swimming pool owner to help keep your pool looking good. Use the following simple tasks to keep your pool looking sparkling clean at all times.

Remove toys and debris from your pool

Toys left in a pool can get stuck in pool skimmers and soak up chlorine. Leaves and grass clippings cause phosphates and can turn a pool green. To maintain a clear pool, empty the skimmer baskets daily and check/empty your automatic pool sweep bag. A skimmer net attached to a pool pole can also be used for debris the pool sweep doesn’t pick up.

These tasks shouldn't take more than 5 – 10 minutes.

Keep your pool Surroundings clean

Twigs, branches, leaves and other debris around your pool should be removed to ensure it doesn’t blow into the pool water.

If shrubs and trees are around your pool and drop leaves easily or only drop leaves once a year empty all skimmer baskets daily. Making sure that the roots of the plants that you choose for your pool’s landscaping don’t have aggressive roots that may crack and damage the area around your pool can add years to your pools life.

Keep water chemicals balanced

When you are a customer with Sterling Pool Service, your pool water chemistry is balanced and maintained during our weekly visit. Not having to think/worry about this is a benefit of our service.

If you are taking care of your pool on your own, balancing the chemicals in your water is essential to keep it from turning green, or worse, into a swamp. It’s preferred a homeowner purchase a high-quality pool chemical test kit from a pool supply company and not a big box store.

Sterling Pool Service can help prevent costly pool equipment repairs, pool renovations for areas of the pool that need to be updated. When you need help with pool cleaning and maintenance, contact us at 888-973-0274 and we will be happy to help.