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The Essential Tools for Your Pool

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Summer brings up a lot of things. Eating ice cream while sitting under the shade of a giant tree, running around in flip-flops near the sandy beach, and taking a break from school work, are what usually come to mind. The number one thought that comes up, however, is the temperature that comes with this season. It’s hot, and your number one priority is to find a way to cool off from this summer heat.

What if the beach is too far away, and there is no more ice cream stocked in the fridge? Diving into a swimming pool is the next logical choice.

Swimming pools spawn good memories of escaping the noonday sun, and initiating water fights. If you do not own a pool, chances are you have always dreamed of owning one in your backyard; if the opportunity to construct a pool turns up, you will need to know the common, and not so common, equipment for your pool. Here is a list of essentials you will need to make your mini backyard getaway come true.

Things You’ll Need

Pumps and Filters

Depending on the type and size of your pool, the items you will need will come in different sizes. To maintain the cleanliness of your pool, pool pumps and filters are necessary as you cannot control what gets in your pool. Items such as leaves, dirt, body oils, bird droppings, urine and other harmful contaminants, can infect swimmers. And these all re-circulate throughout the pool through the pool filter. When a pool has these types of occurences, the pool will need to be super shocked and specialty chemical treatment applied. And filter cleans may be needed.


For cold weather or physical therapy, install a quality pool heater. Do not use the heater during extreme cold unless it's been constantly running prior to the drop in temperature. Manufacturers state not to use your heater when it is below 40 degrees. And they should always be allowed to go through the cool down cycle. Also, be sure to install a rain deflector or gutters above the heater - something that the manufacturer requires.

Make sure your heater has the correct outside meter. Your gas company will be able to figure out how many BTU's are required. Explain that you want to be sure the meter can accommodate the outside pool heater and the inside appliances. There will be no need to change gas lines and the pressure will not need to change.

Pool timers & Controls

Keeping the pumps and filters on 24/7 is a waste of electricity, and will cause these items to fail before their time. Installing pool timers or a computer instead of turning the system on manually is a smart use of a pool owner's time and money. For the hotter months, it needs to run for at least eight hours a day and for the cooler months for six hours.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment

An in-pool sweep is highly recommended to help keep your pool clean between a once a week cleaning - whether you do this or have a professional pool company maintain your pool. If you maintain the pool, you will still have to do a once a week maintenance even with an in-pool cleaner. We recommend a Polaris model 280. Even with the newer models that are available, this is the only model we recommend because it has a larger throat to pick up leave, it has a larger bag for holding leaves, and the drive unit is far superior. The cost is also much lower and a homeowner does not need to spend more to get the same quality and performance.

You will also need a Taylor test kit to check and balance chemicals, a net, brush, and all maintenance chemicals. Due to chemical quality, you should only buy from a pool store or a professional pool company and not a big box store.

Pool Steps & Ladders 

Getting in the pool is easy; getting out can be a little bit tricky. Putting in stairs makes it safer, and easier to enter and exit the pool.

Swimming Pool Covers

Although pool covers seem like a good idea, here in Texas we do not recommend them. This is because chemicals cannot be balanced and a pool cannot be maintained. Since the Dallas area does not have long winters, we do not recommend them.

Owning and maintaining a pool is easy if you are willing to put forth money, time and effort to take care of it. If you do not feel like cleaning your pool, do not fret. Sterling Pool Services will do the job for you. 

We specialize in weekly pool maintenance and cleaning services (one time cleans, drain and cleans). Our weekly service includes checking and balancing chemicals, all normal maintenance chemicals, brushing, vacuuming, backwashing the filter, and emptying skimmer and pump pot baskets.

We do all pool equipment repairs - pumps, motors, computers, filters, heaters, and pool sweep pumps. And if your pool needs to be replastered, we can remodel it.

Our service area includes the following: Sachse, Wylie, Murphy, Allen, Plano, Richardson, Garland and Dallas. 

Call us at: 888-973-0274. You may also visit our contact page for more information.