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Daily and Weekly Tasks for Pool Owners


Pool owners MUST walk around the pool every day to make sure the water and pool equipment looks ok.

Daily and Weekly Tasks for Pool Owners

1. Empty the skimmer basket(s), pump baskets and the pool sweep bag (if applicable).

2. During heavy foliage and high winds, emptying the skimmer and pump baskets may be required two to three times a day.

3. Scoop leaves as necessary. If leaves stay on the bottom of the pool, they could stain the plaster and cause phosphates.

4. Look to be sure water level is half-way up the tile, which is the proper water level.


1. For a homeowner, it takes about an hour a week to properly maintain a pool. Proper maintenance includes brushing the entire pool/spa and tile, vacuum, check and balance chemicals, empty skimmer/pump baskets and sweep bag (if applicable), check filter pressure, and backwash if necessary. Backwashing the pool is required if the pressure rises to 8-10 PSI above normal or as maintenance every six weeks.

2. Warmer and sunnier climates like Dallas can cause havoc with chemicals. Improper chemical balance can damage the equipment, allow green or yellow algae. Heat causes all sorts of bacteria when chemicals aren’t maintained causing illness – especially in children – such as pink eye and ear infections. During the heat of summer, chemicals should be checked several times during the week depending on use, suntan lotions, and the occasional pet swim. Swimmers cause water to splash out of the pool and subsequent low water levels. The proper water level is half-way up the tile.

3. Make sure the filter works properly by having professional filter cleans done every 6-8 months, or as needed.

4. Check the water level – especially during hot months – as water evaporates more quickly. A low water level is the most common reason that causes equipment to burn up because water does not flow through the system.

5. Check the wiring for ants and rodents because their nature is to chew on electrical wires.

If you notice any problems with your pool, contact Sterling Pool Service online or give us a call at 888-973-0274 to learn how we can help.