Accredited member since 2000.

Providing exceptional service since 1987
Sterling Pool Service, Inc., Swimming Pool Service & Repair, Wylie, TX

Accredited member since 2000.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Reviewed By: Nancy J. Mares
Location: Dallas, TX 75238

What was it about our company that made you chose us? You are always dependable.
How would you rate your first phone call experience with Sterling Pool Service? 4 Stars4
How would you rate the expertise of our service technician? 4 Stars4
How would you rate the level of service we performed for you? 4 Stars4
How would you rate your overall satisfaction with Sterling Pool Service? 5 Stars5
Comment Over the years I have grown to know that Sterling Pool Service is very dependable. I request a certain service and the job gets done, on time and correctly.
Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

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