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Job completed for Wes K.

Completion date: April 20, 2020

Location: Plano, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

Wes called because of several reasons: 1) The screwtop connector to my primary pump is leaking and I’m not certain if there is maintenance for it, nor do I have the proper tools to actually work on it. 2) I need to have that “adjusted.” 3) Also need to have the lines in and out of the no longer used booster pump capped (don’t want to seal completely in case I decide to go back to a cleaner that needs it.) 4) Last item, DE tank cleaning. I have filter media, but that 60sqft grid assembly is a pain for one to lift out.

Solutions provided:

We had to make several trips to resolve the listed issues. The first trip the owner went to his house to repair the pool pump leak and capped off the pool sweep pump lines. He went again to do the filter clean service. Lastly, he went back for additional work to re-plumb the pool pump discharge. After completing Wes is very pleased and will continue to use us for his pool repair needs.

Team members on this project:

Kevin Arnett,