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Job completed for Eric K.

Completion date: April 5, 2019

Location: Allen, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

Just moved in a few months ago. I'm a first time pool owner. I think the joints around the pool and hot tub need to be redone and there's a slow leak at the hot tub, maybe from this? I really want an assessment for the right way to repair this, I don't know if this was ever professionally done but it looks bad I think.

Solutions provided:

Our owner went to his home for assessment, he agreed it does look bad. He told Eric there are four things that need to be done to stop the water loss and it will be professionally done:
1) Replace expansion joint between coping and deck.
2) Seal two skimmer throats.
3) Reseal three stones on spa waterfall.
4) Add one small stone on ledge below spa waterfall to stop run-off onto the deck.
Eric gave us the approval and we got the work done. The following week he called back to say water hasn't been added since we finished the work and his wife loves how good it all looks.
Note: removing and replacing the deck-O-seal is typically done during a pool renovation, not by itself.

Team members on this project:

Kevin Arnett,