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Job completed for George K.

Completion date: July 2, 2019

Location: Garland, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

George reached out to us because he is going to throw a huge 4th of July party but was hesitant due to the rough condition of the cool deck coating over his pool deck. It had become very rough and pitted, discolored and uneven.

Solutions provided:

Sterling's owner went to his house to help as he had recently finished resurfacing his own deck. When he looked at George's pool deck it was confirmed that this needs some serious TLC. We were approved to resurface the deck, as well as leveling, expanding and dec-O-seal (mastic) that goes around the pool between the deck edge and stones around the pool (coping). We finished just two days before his party, he let us know on the 5th that everyone there had only high praise for the work done.

Team members on this project:

Kevin Arnett,

Photos & Videos:

Cool Deck Finished

Cool Deck Finished