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Job completed for Patrick S.

Completion date: October 18, 2018

Location: Plano, TX

Solutions provided:

Patrick called us with an emergency because his Polaris booster pump volute is leaking so much he had to shut the system down. It started off as a pin hole leak on Friday night then by Saturday night water is gushing from the casing.
Sterling Pools owner went to his house for further investigation. The Polaris booster pump volute was not the only problem. He found three electrical connections that had gone bad and were arching between each other. Patrick needed a new Polaris booster pump with wiring, pump, motor, plumbing, modification and a pump post kit. After starting the booster pump and pool pump to check the performance the pool pump motor started smoking heavily. It was quickly shut off to prevent a fire. He then had to install a new standard pool pump motor, seal and gasket along with a diffuser, diffuser O-ring and conduit fittings.