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Job completed for Mark H.

Completion date: October 10, 2018

Location: Murphy, TX

Solutions provided:

Mark is a weekly pool maintenance customer of ours. He called on Monday because he noticed his pool pump is not circulating water. The gauge on the filter housing shows pressure but no water is circulating even when I turn the valve on for the water features, they do not work. Filter pressure is at 20 and the water is very dirty.
First we suggested his variable speed pump was running at too low of a speed so he needs to turn it up. This did not solve the problem so the owner of Sterling Pools went to his house. After a thorough inspection of his equipment and valves, it was determined the filter had not been cleaned and required a filter clean service be done as well as a salt cell clean. After he performed these tasks there was noticeable circulation in the pool and water flowing freely through the pool pump.