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Job completed for Jason S.

Completion date: August 6, 2018

Location: Dallas, TX

Solutions provided:

Jason is a new weekly service customer of ours. He emailed us, You recently installed a new Polaris sweeper and it was doing great but it stopped working earlier in the week. We got it work again for a few days and now it is not working again. The algae from lack of circulation has built up pretty badly. I went to Leslie pool supplies and they recommended adding some algaecide which I added yesterday but the algae was so bad it barely made an impact.
Could you please send someone out to fix the sweeper and help treat the pool to get it back to blue again?
The owner Kevin went to his house to see what is going wrong. He found the Polaris hose screen to be fully packed with debris and DE from the pool filter. This means that there is one or more broken parts inside the filter that need replaced. We had to perform a filter clean service to determine which part(s) are bad. Kevin found two bad/busted grids and three others that were crushed and needing replaced. He replaced all five of the affected grids, started the pool, added DE through the skimmer for the filter and cleaned the pool.
After Jason let the pool run for a few days he emailed us back, Thank you guys for your help. The pool is clear, blue and wanting to be swam in. You guys are awesome!