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Job completed for Kathy R.

Completion date: July 20, 2018

Location: Dallas, TX

Solutions provided:

Kathy is a weekly service customer of ours. She emailed us, My pool is very green today. It has been getting progressively worse. I have checked it and noticed the past two weeks for sure that after the pool guy leaves there is still a ring of green algae around one side of it. I got Gary to clean it off one week so I know it will come off. I am sure it is because of the crepe myrtle buds dropping in the pool.
The owner replied to her email and said the pool issues are due to the ducks, which cause havoc to pools. The pool needs another heavy dose of phosphate treatments and a filter clean.
She approved this work to be done by the next time we come to service her pool. Her pool cleaner Jose did a filter clean service the next week and added the phosphate treatment to combat all the crud that the duck droppings had left in the water.
With these two things done her pool is clear, blue and algae free.