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Job completed for Andy M.

Completion date: June 22, 2018

Location: Garland, TX

Solutions provided:

He called wondering if, "you offer some sort of service where you teach home owners how to operate and clean their pool?" We just bought the house a few weeks ago and have never owned a pool. If you can come out could you also clean the pool up at the same time?
The owner went to evaluate their pool for cleaning. They meet him out there and asked him to proceed after he made an estimate. He made an appointment to come the next day so he would have more time to teach them how to clean the pool and do the work. After he had finished the pool was clear, blue and ready to use. They were very excited that they got to record him doing the work and going over how all of the valves work at the equipment and how to work the computer.
The last time we spoke they said that together they are cleaning the pool and adjusting chemicals. Happy doesn't even begin to describe how they feel with our services.