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Job completed for Ruth K.

Completion date: June 14, 2018

Location: Sachse, TX

Solutions provided:

Ruth had contacted us years past to do a little work for her pool, like replacing a pool pump motor or capacitor. She called because the spring had caused a lot of stuff to blow into the pool. She was backwashing the filter and adding chlorine and acid but not getting good results.
The owner went out to look at her pool and equipment. He noticed the filter pressure was high which caused algae to grow in the pool. Only a filter clean and inspection of the internal components could indicate ongoing issues. This showed the owner that two filter grids and the top manifold were damaged, causing algae to thrive, the bottom to look dirty and the water to not clear.
He replaced the affected parts, started the system up and added the proper amount of DE back through the skimmer and the pool began to clear in less than a day.