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Job completed for Tony M.

Completion date: November 10, 2020

Location: Wylie, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

>Tony called to say, “as it gets cooler out, we'd like to use hot tub. Last year I noticed it not heating up, I let it run for 2 hours this weekend and it didn't get above 90. I'm pretty sure the thing needs to be replaced.”

Solutions provided:

Kevin, Sterling Pools owner, went to our weekly service customer's house to inspect the pool/hot tub heater. One of the main issues he found was it needs a larger gas meter before he can make repairs that will matter for heating the hot tub. Tony called the gas company and they were able to install a larger meter. Kevin was then able to further diagnose the issues. He found the thermal regulator needed to be replaced, as well the spa air blower was on its last leg. Tony was given a bid to address these issues and was quick to approve the work. We had to order the parts that took a few weeks to get in, since installing these parts he and his family have been able to enjoy a properly heated hot tub.