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Pool Deck Crack and Joint Repair

There is an expansion joint around the perimeter of your swimming pool in between your coping stones and your pool deck.
boxes, jars, and tubes of deck-o-seal product Cracked pool deck
If this joint is in poor condition, water can get down behind the pool shell and weaken the concrete joints in between your coping stones, and eventually cause more pool problems. Once applied, all traffic (including pets) must be kept away for 24 hours to avoid damage.

  • Provides a uniform, watertight seal.
  • Allows expansion & contraction during temperature changes.
  • Resists abrasion, weathering & moisture, elevated temperatures, will not cause discoloration.
  • Stays Flexible. Won't become brittle or crack due to ultra-violet exposure.
  • Available in Dura-White, Stone Gray, Desert Tan, Jet Black and Life-Like Redwood.
  • Outstanding resistance to weather-aging and won't discolor.
  • Not Affected by Pool Chemicals.

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